Minutes from the Graduate Council Meeting of January 24, 2006


Faculty Present: Drs. Ballard, Bradley, Faruqi, Fields, Hewitt, Martinez, Massa, Nelson, Oh, Shorter, Stallone, Torres, and Wagman.


Faculty Absent:Estrada, Olivares


Graduate Student Representatives Present: Tye Anderson, Annette Hernandez, Lewis Jaimes, Nancy Nava


I.                     The meeting was held in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall.Dr. Massa called the meeting to order at 2:45 P.M.


II.                   Standing Committee Reports


A.      Executive Committee-Dr. Massa stated there was nothing to report at this time.


B.       Curriculum Committee-Dr. Bradley presented two curriculum proposals at this time.One proposal encompassed a new curriculum for the Pharmacy doctoral program to better reflect the requirements established by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Proposed changes/revisions were distributed to the faculty for consideration. All proposed changes were unanimously approved.A second proposal was from Communication Sciences and Disorders to establish and offer the M.S.degree via TTVN.Program approval for distance learning must be established for this program.Proposed changes/revision were distributed to the faculty for consideration.All proposed changes were unanimously approved.


C.       Membership Committee-Dr. Faruqi stated applications for graduate status were due this week and will be reviewed.


D.      Program Review Committee- Dr. Massa stated the review documents have been distributed and are under review.


III.                 Deanís Report


Dr. Massa delivered the Deanís report and stated that at this time there was nothing to report.


IV.                 Student Representatives


Nothing was discussed at this time.



V.                   Old Business


Nothing was discussed at this time.


VI.                 New Business


Dr. Fields posed a question regarding graduate student scholarship eligibility during second semester of the academic year.It was noted that scholarships can be awarded provided that funding was available in the respective college pool.


VII.               A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:15 P.M.The motion was seconded and passed.The next meeting of the Graduate Council is scheduled for February 14, 2006.


Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Cathy Downs, Secretary

(X2514, c-downs@tamuk.edu)