Minutes from the Graduate Council Meeting of April 18, 2006


Faculty Present: Drs. Ballard, Bradley, Downs, Faruqi, Estrada, Hewitt, Martinez, Massa, Nelson (Dr Canales representing him), Oh, Olivares, Stallone (Dr. Low representing her), Torres, Wagman


Faculty Absent: Drs. Fields and Shorter


Graduate Student Representatives Present: Mr./Ms. Anderson, Jaimes, Nava, Hernandez


Graduate Student Representatives Absent: Mr./Ms. Gutierrez, Mohanlal


I.        Dr. Massa called the Council meeting to order at 2:50 p.m. in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

II.       Standing Committee Reports

A.     The Executive Committee offered no report.

B.     The Curriculum Committee offered no report.

C.     The Membership Committee offered no report.

D.     The Program Review Committee presented its report on the six programs under review. All of them (Art, Biology, Counseling, Education Administration, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics) passed their reviews. The probationary status was lifted from Mathematics.

III.      The Dean asked for nominations from the floor.

A.       Executive Committee: Dr. Enrique Massa was elected chair by acclamation. Drs. David Hewitt (Secretary, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences), Joon-Yeoul Oh (Member, Business Administration), Roberto Torres (Member, Education), and Hector Estrada (Member, Engineering) were unopposed in their bid.

B.       Membership Committee: Dr. Michelle Stallone was elected by acclamation. Dr. Bart Ballard (Member, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences) was elected unopposed. Drs. David Sabrio (Member, Arts and Sciences), Frank Taylor (Member, Business Administration), and Jennifer Ren (Member, Engineering) were suggested to fill the membership of the committee.

C.       Curriculum Committee: Dr. Jack Bradley was elected chair by acclamation. Drs. Cathy Downs (Member, Arts and Sciences) and Oh (Member, Business Administration) were elected without opposition. Drs. Venkatesh Uddameri (Member, Engineering) and Alan Fedynich (Member, Agriculture, Natural Sciences and Human Sciences) were suggested to complete the membership.

D.       Program Review Committee: In a contest for chair between Drs. Martinez and Downs, Dr. Al Martinez (Engineering) won the vote. Dr. Enrique Massa (Member, Arts and Sciences) took his seat on the committee unopposed. Drs. Farzad Dayhim (Member, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences), George Gresham (Member, Business Administration), and Emma Garza (Member, Education) were suggested to fill the membership of the committee.

IV.      Student representatives brought up no business to discuss.

V.       There was no old business.

VI.      There was no new business.

VII.     A motion was made to adjourn and seconded at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Cathy Downs, Ph.D.

Recording Secretary, Graduate Council