Graduate Council Meeting

17 October 2006


Members present: Ballard, Bradley, Brown, Clapp, Sabrio (for Downs), Fields, Massa, Olivares, Shorter, Torres, Lewis (student rep), Munoz (student rep), Camarena (student rep)


Members absent: Faruqi, Hewitt, Nelson, Oh, Wagman, Nava (student rep), Mohanlal (student rep)


Motion to accept minutes from last meeting: 1st- Shorter, 2nd-Brown


Executive Committee - Nothing to report


Curriculum Committee - Dr. Bradley passed out handout of current curriculum proposals:  Four proposals from CBA; and, thirty-nine proposals from College of Education;

The proposal were reviewed by the Graduate Faculty and a motion to approve the curriculum proposal report was made: 1st - Fields, 2nd - Ballard


Membership Committee – Nominations to the TAMUK Graduate Faculty will be called for the first week of January 2007.


Program Review – Same report as last month.


Dean’s Report – Dr. Olivares attended the Association of Texas Graduate Schools conference where Commissioner Paredes was keynote speaker.  Dr. Olivares informed the Council about Doctoral Program Evaluations that the THECB will be conducting in the future.  Doctoral programs will be evaluated mainly by 6 criteria:


1. Faculty publications and grantsmanship

2. Number of students on fellowships and assistantships

3. Student:faculty ratio

4. Graduation rates and time to degree

5. Ethnic diversity

6. Evaluation of success such as following up on students once they graduate


Student Representatives – Nothing to report


Old Business – None


New Business – Dr. Olivares reported that next meeting Dr. Frank Hall will discuss ideas for international programs and faculty/student exchange opportunities for the university.


Motion to adjourn – 1st - Sabrio, 2nd - Fields