Minutes from the Graduate Council Meeting of September 21, 2004


Faculty Present:Drs. Bradley, Faruqi, Michael Houf for Ferguson, Diana Crider for Hewitt, Martinez, Massa, Michael Houf for Melendy, Nekovei, Olivares, Pilehvari, Shorter, Stanko, and Wagman.


Faculty Absent:Drs. Ballard, Ponder


Graduate Student Representatives Present:Megan Dominguez, Sankara Cherubkuri, Rebeka Gutierrez, Melissa Canales, Brian Dyson, Venkatesh Dhagumudi


I.                    The meeting was held in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall.Dr. Olivares called the meeting to order at 2:45 P.M. in the absence of the Presiding Chair, Dr. Ferguson.


II.                 Dr. Olivares welcomed members of the 2004-2005 Graduate Council, and reviewed with them the Council Protocol.He also discussed attendance policy:The Executive Committee will consider appropriate action to be taken for members who miss two consecutive meetings.Items that are to go to the Provost are to be sent through the Graduate Dean so that he may add his recommendations.


III.               Standing Committee Reports


A.     Executive Committee


The committee met on 9/13/04 to discuss current goals.Dr. Olivares provided a summary report from the committee on behalf of Dr. Ferguson.The committee supports the idea of having some form of a graduate student organization as will be defined by the graduate student representatives that sit on the Graduate Council.In addition, the Executive Committee would like to establish a dialogue on the persistence of small or low-enrolled graduate programs to determine what can be done to bolster those programs, protect those programs that promise future growth, and thereby improve the quality and quantity of graduate offerings university-wide.

B.     Curriculum Committee


Dr. Bradley reported on the upcoming deadlines for proposal submissions.Graduate Curriculum Proposal forms are available, on line:http://www.tamuk.edu/sacs/documents/pdffiles/GradCrrcPrpsGuide.pdf (Updated 061212, the site containing this document was removed, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for an archive copy)��� Proposals to the Graduate Curriculum Committee have a deadline of October 15, 2004; proposals from the Graduate Council to the Provost have a deadline ofNovember 15, 2004.�� Dr. Olivares stressed the fact that all proposals must be initially submitted by the department of origin to their respective college curriculum committees, college dean, and then to the Graduate Dean before the proposals are forwarded to the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee.


C.     Membership Committee


Dr. Massa reported on behalf of Dr. Melendy that Graduate Faculty nominations will be called for during the first week of January 2005.Criteria are posted on the CGS website.

http://www.tamuk.edu/grad/Minutes/2003/b11FH.htm Document Link Update 061212

http://www.tamuk.edu/grad/1GRADAPL.pdf Document Link Update 061212 (This document could not be found in the archives)


D.     Program Review Committee


Dr. Massa has been appointed as Chair of the Graduate Program Review Committee for this academic year.Dr. Olivares reported that the following graduate degree programs will be reviewed and the completed review documentation is due in the Graduate Office by December 1, 2004: Bilingual Education (M.A., M.S.); Business Administration (M.S., M.B.A.); History/Political Science (M.S.); Human Sciences (M.S.H.S.); Mathematics (M.S.).Dr. Olivares has provided each of the Department Chairs a copy of the program review instrument.


IV.              Dean�s Report


Dr. Olivares delivered the Dean�s report.


Dr. Olivares described the responsibilities of the Dean�s Appointees to the Graduate Council, and the responsibilities of the Executive Committee.Other items that were discussed and handouts that were distributed follow:


1.Proposed new graduate programs for TAMUK, their current status and projected implementation dates.


2. TAMU System timeline for review of proposals for new degree programs and administrative changes.


3. TAMU System profiles of graduate and professional admission requirements that went into effect Fall Semester 2004.


4. Schedule of future Graduate Council meetings.


5. Handout of prospective candidates for graduate degrees in Fall 2004.


6. Dr. Olivares stressed the issue of faculty credentials for teaching graduate-level courses.A handout was provided that delineates the requirements for teaching graduate courses.


7.Dr. Olivares presented information regarding the establishment of a Graduate Student Organization.A meeting with the Student Activities staff and the Graduate Council Student Representatives to discuss what direction the students which to take was scheduled for September 28, 2004.


8.The TAMUS 2nd Annual Pathway to the Doctorate Symposium will be held at TAMUCC on October 15-16, 2004.


V.                 Student Representatives


Student representatives introduced themselves.Dr. Olivares reminded them of their role and duties as student representatives to the Graduate Council.


VI.              Old Business


Future meetings dates were discussed.No additional discussion occurred.


VII.            New Business


No additional discussion occurred.


VIII.         A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 P.M.The motion was seconded and passed.The next meeting of the Graduate Council is scheduled for October 19, 2004.


Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Enrique Massa, Secretary

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