Minutes from the Graduate Council Meeting of October 19, 2004


Faculty Present: Drs. Ballard (represented by Dr. Feydnich), Bradley, Faruqi, Ferguson, Garza, Hewitt, Martinez (represented by Dr. Clapp), Massa, Melendy, Nekovei (represented by Dr. Lassmann), Olivares, Pilehvari, Ponder, Shorter, Stanko and Wagman.


Faculty Absent:  None


Graduate Student Representatives Present:  Aaron Haines, Sankara Cherubkuri, Rebeka Gutierrez, Melissa Canales and Brian Dyson


I.                    The meeting was held in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall.  Dr. Ferguson called the meeting to order at 2:45 P.M.


II.                 The minutes from the September 21, 2004 meeting were approved unanimously.


III.               Standing Committee Reports


A.    A.    Executive Committee-Dr. Ferguson stated there was nothing to report at this time.


B.     B.     Curriculum Committee-Dr. Bradley reported on 5 proposal considerations.  The proposed changes encompass Industrial Management (IMEN-04-G-01; -02; -03) and Computer Science (CSEN-04-G-1; -1; -2).  Proposed changes were distributed for review and consideration.  All proposed changes were unanimously approved.  A revised memo must be submitted to encompass changes in CSEN-04-G-2 that reflect the correct course number (CSEN 5303).  Dr. Olivares also suggested that in the future a separate form be submitted for requests to drop a course from the current curriculum whenever new courses are added.


C.    C.    Membership Committee-Dr. Melendy stated there was nothing to report at this time.


D.    D.    Program Review Committee- Dr. Massa stated there was nothing to report at this time.


IV.              Dean’s Report


Dr. Olivares delivered the Dean’s report.


Dr. Olivares invited Mr. Albert Salinas, Director of International Admissions, to inform the Council regarding the international students admissions process and provide information on enrollment trends for international graduate students.


A motion was made by Dr. Massa to ask the Administration to consider reimbursement of the $100 Homeland Security Application Fee to all international students that matriculated at TAMUK.  The motion was approved with two dissenting votes.  The recommendation will be forwarded to Mr. Frank Ureno, VP for Enrollment Management for consideration.


Dr. Olivares distributed a copy of the “Draft Institutional Goals” to the Council.  Suggestions were made to leave out the part of the Vision Statement such that the corrected version is “The University will be recognized as the premier university in South Texas.”  


Draft institutional Goal #1 was modified such that the corrected version is “To provide the academic components with resources to ensure an excellent university education.” 


Goal #2 was modified such that the corrected version is “To be a national leader in selected areas of research and scholarship and to achieve excellence in our areas of research and scholarship at TAMUK.” 


Goal #4 was modified such that the corrected version is “To provide an environment that enriches all members of the university community.” 


Goal #5 was modified such that the corrected version is “To enhance the quality of live throughout South Texas by service to the region.”



Dr. Olivares provided a draft copy of the proposed “Javelina Honor Code” for review.  Discussion of the proposed honor code will occur at the 11/16/2004 Graduate Council Meeting.


The “2004-2005 Academic Year Institutions Calendar for TAMUS” was distributed.


Graduate Scholarship and Doctoral Assistantship guidelines for AY 2005 were distributed to the Graduate Council.  The awards are for new graduate students only.


Dr. Olivares informed the Graduate Council that the Graduate Student Advocacy Council (GSAC) is now an active organization.  The College of Graduate Studies Senator(s) from the Student Government Association and the GSAC will be calling for a graduate student forum soon. This forum will provide students the opportunity to meet with the gradate dean and their representatives to discuss graduate academic issues and concerns.


V.                 Student Representatives


Nothing was discussed at this time.


VI.              Old Business


Nothing was discussed at this time.


VII.            New Business


Nothing was discussed at this time


VIII.         A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:45 P.M.  The motion was seconded and passed.  The next meeting of the Graduate Council is scheduled for November 16, 2004.


Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Enrique Massa, Secretary

(X4118, e-massa@tamuk.edu)