Minutes from the regular Graduate Council Meeting of September 23, 2003



Faculty Present:Dr. Rajab Challoo, Dr. Dean Ferguson, Dr. David Hewitt, Dr. Craig Hollingshead, Dr. Steven Lukefahr, Dr. Robert Marshall, Dr. Brenda Melendy, Dr. Ali Pilehvari, Dr. Fred Ponder, Dr. David Sabrio, Dr. Jack Shorter, Dr. Randy Stanko, Dr. Chu-Sheng Tai, Dr. Guadalupe Thompson.


Faculty Absent:Dr. Hector Estrada, Dr. Alberto Olivares.


Graduate Student Representatives Present: Erin Monaco



I.��������� The meeting was held in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall.The presiding chair Dr. Rajab Challoo called the meeting to order at 2:45 p.m.


II.�������� Dr. Challoo welcomed members of the 2003-2004 Graduate Council, and reviewed with them the Council Protocol. He also discussed attendance policy � members who miss three meetings will be dropped from the Council.


III.������ Standing committee reports


����������� A.������� Executive Committee


Dr. Challoo reported that the committee has met and will give its report at the next meeting.


����������� B.�������� Curriculum Committee


Dr. Marshall urged departments to submit their curriculum proposals soon.Procedures, guidelines, and forms are posted on the CGS website.

��������� �������������http://www.tamuk.edu/grad/documents/grad_curriculum_proposal_guidelines.pdf link location update 061412

������������������ �����http://www.tamuk.edu/grad/Minutes/2003/graduate_curriculum_routing_proc.htmlink location update 061412



����������� C.�������� Membership Committee


Dr. Lukefahr reported that Graduate Faculty nominations will be called for during the first week of January 2004.Criteria are posted on the CGS website.

���������������������� http://www.tamuk.edu/grad/Minutes/2003/b11FH.htm link location update 061412

http://www.tamuk.edu/grad/1GRADAPL.pdf Document could not be found in archives update 061412


����������� D.������� Program Review Committee


Dr. Ferguson reported that the following 5 graduate degree programs will be reviewed and the completed review instruments are due in the Graduate Office by December 1, 2003: Accounting (M.P.A.C.C.); Mathematics (M.S.), Agribusiness (M.S.); Adult Education (M.Ed.).; Sociology (M.A. and M.S.). Dean Olivares has provided each of the Department Chairs a copy of the program review instrument.


IV.������ Dean�s Report


����������� Presiding Chair Dr. Challoo delivered the Dean�s report.


Dr. Challoo described the responsibilities of the Dean�s Appointees to the Graduate Council, and the responsibilities of the Executive Committee.


Dr. Challoo reported that Dr. Olivares will notify council members of opportunities for graduate recruitment, and that council members are welcome to attend any such opportunities.


Training Workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) will be mandatory, and Dr. Jacki Thomas of the Center for Teaching Excellence will communicate the dates of the workshops through email.


Dr. Challoo distributed a handout of prospective candidates for graduate degrees in Dec. 2003.


A handout of proposed new graduate programs indicating their current status and projected implementation date was distributed and discussed.


Dr. Challoo reported on the CGS website.It has been updated, and now includes all graduate forms.He requested that faculty please email Dr. Challoo or Dr. Olivares with comments and suggestions.


V.������� Student Representatives


Erin Monaco of the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences introduced herself.Dr. Challoo reminded her of the role and duties of student representatives to the Graduate Council.


V.������� Old Business


Dr. Challoo called the members� attention to the scheduled dates for this year�s council meetings.

The council also reviewed and discussed the pay scale for graduate assistants.There was some confusion as to the correct interpretation of the table, and the council requested clarification.


VI.������ New Business


Dr. Guadalupe Thompson asked if there was a council position or policy on the difference between masters� level classes and PhD level classes in terms of (a) what standards are expected from the students and the faculty, and (b) differential remuneration for the two levels, and related issues.Dr. Thompson requested that the council take a clear position on these issues.


VII.����� A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:25 pm.The motion was seconded and passed.The next meeting of the Graduate Council is scheduled for October 21, 2003.



����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Respectfully submitted,


����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Dr. Brenda Melendy, Secretary