To:            TAMUK Faculty and Staff

From:    Dr. Hector Estrada, Graduate Council Secretary (x2269,

Topic:   Minutes from the regular Graduate Council Meeting of February 18, 2003



Faculty Present: Dr. Yousri Elkassabgi, Dr. Hector Estrada,  Dr. Dean Ferguson, Dr. Maribel Gonzalez-Garcia, Dr. David Hewett, Dr. Craig Hollingshead, Dr. Steven Lukefahr, Dr. Robert Marshall, Dr. Alberto Olivares, , Dr. Ali Pilehvari, Dr. Fred Ponder, Dr. David Sabrio, Dr. Nestor Sherman, Dr. Randy Stanko, Dr. Chu-Sheng Tai.


Faculty Absent : Dr. Charles Alworth.


Graduate Student Representatives Present: Jennifer Elston, Lorie Ann Gonzalez.


Graduate Student Representatives Absent: Mustafa Shaik, Katie Turner, Judy Vandervest, Balagopal Dharanidharan.


I.          The meeting was held in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall and was called to order at 2:45 p.m. The minutes from the meeting of January 21, 2003 were approved.


II.            Standing committee reports


A.      Executive Committee


      No report.


B.      Membership Committee


                  Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia reported that the Membership Committee met and reviewed 33 faculty applications requesting membership or renewal of membership to the Graduate Faculty. A listing of the committee’s recommendations was handed out. Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia noted that six requests submitted for a specific status were recommended for a lower status. Dr. Olivares requested that the committee’s recommendations be kept confidential. After some discussion, a motion was made and was seconded to approve the membership recommendations.


C.      Curriculum Committee


No report.


D.     Program Review Committee


Dr. Lukefahr passed out the recommendations of the Graduate Program Review Committee for Early Childhood Education, Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, and Spanish.  Dr. Lukefahr proceeded to review each of the four programs that were presented.  After some discussion the recommendations for each program were as follows:


Early Childhood Education:        Continuation with probation

Mathematics:             Continuation with probationary/conditional
approval status

Industrial Engineering:           Continuation with recommendations

Spanish:                       Continuation with recommendations


The Graduate Council members approved the recommendations of the Program Review Committee unanimously.  Dr. Lukefahr has forwarded the final report to Dr. Olivares.


Dr. Lukefahr noted that in the future an effort should be made to avoid placing faculty from programs being reviewed on the Graduate Program Review Committee.


III.               Dean's Report


Dean Olivares reported on the following items:

1.       A list of new degree programs that are being planned for TAMUK was distributed and discussed.

2.       Tables of Master’s and Doctoral degrees awarded by institutions in the A&M University systems were also distributed.

3.       Dr. Olivares discussed the “Tools for Teaching Success” workshop sponsored and organized by the Center for Teaching Effectiveness and TxCEPT, which will be held Saturday March 1, in the Mesquite Room, SUB. This is an all day workshop and lunch will be provided. Dr. Jacqueline Thomas in an email reminds deans and Dr. Olivares reminds department chairs that graduate teaching assistants must attend this workshop because it is required by SACS.

A motion was made by Dr. Sabrio to require those students who hold Teaching Assistantships to attend this workshop if they wish to continue their TAs. The motion was seconded and passed.

It was also noted that this is open to all faculty. Please contact Dr. Thomas at for more details.

4.       A table of prospective candidates for Master and Doctoral degrees for May was distributed - 248 total prospective candidates.

5.   Dr. Olivares discussed a degree productivity table from the Coordinating Board. Master’s programs with fewer that six graduates in three years are categorized as low producing, marginal productivity has been defined as fewer that ten graduates in three years. Doctoral programs with fewer than three graduates in three years are categorized as low producing, marginal productivity has been defined as fewer than six graduates in three years.

6.      Dr. Olivares discussed with the Graduate Council the results of a survey that he conducted with TAMUS graduate deans and others concerning graduate tuition rates versus undergraduate tuition rates.  The survey disclosed that the majority of schools charge more tuition for graduate courses than they do for undergraduate courses.  The results from the survey will be forwarded to the President for consideration implementation at TAMUK.



IV.              Student Representatives




V.                 Old Business


Dr. Olivares informed the Graduate Council that the proposed change to the statement at the bottom of page 69 and top of page 70 in the 2002-2004 Graduate Catalog has not yet been approved by the provost.


VI.              New Business


Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia and the Membership Committee noted that in past years the Graduate Council has supported the following statement: “If a faculty member has served the TAMUK campus for 25 years or more, then that faculty member may be automatically renewed with “Full” status until retirement”.  The Graduate Council, however, has left it up to each year’s Membership Committee to make such a decision.  The Membership Committee (Academic Year 2002/2003) recommended to the Graduate Council that the aforementioned statement either be made a policy or eliminated. This would prevent inconsistencies from Membership Committee to Membership Committee (and from year to year). A motion was made to eliminate the statement; however, after some discussion the Graduate Council decided to table the motion until next meeting.


VII.            A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:35 p.m.  The motion was seconded and passed. The next meeting of the Graduate Council is scheduled for March 18, 2003.




Respectfully submitted,



Dr. Hector Estrada, Secretary