To:������ TAMUK Faculty

From:��� Dr. Hector Estrada, Graduate Council Secretary (x2269,

Topic:�� Minutes from the regular Graduate Council Meeting of April 15, 2003



Faculty Present: Dr. Yousri Elkassabgi, Dr. Hector Estrada, Dr. Maribel Gonzalez-Garcia, Dr. Steven Lukefahr, Dr. Robert Marshall, Dr. Alberto Olivares, Dr. Ali Pilehvari, Dr. Fred Ponder, Dr. David Sabrio, Dr. Nestor Sherman, Dr. Randy Stanko, Dr. Chu-Sheng Tai.


Faculty Absent : Dr. Charles Alworth, Dr. Dean Ferguson, Dr. David Hewett, Dr. Craig Hollingshead.


Graduate Student Representatives Present: Judy Vandervest.


Graduate Student Representatives Absent: Balagopal Dharanidharan, Jennifer Elston, Lorie Ann Gonzalez, Mustafa Shaik, Katie Turner.


I.��������� The meeting was held in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall. The presiding chair Dr. Robert Marshall called the meeting to order at 2:45 p.m. Dr. Marshall moved to approve the minutes from the meeting of March 18, 2003, the motion was seconded and was approved unanimously.


II.�������� Standing committee reports


A.Executive Committee


����� Dr. Marshall summarized the recommendations of the Executive Committee regarding a document on doctoral admission standards, �Admissions to Doctoral Degree Programs�. Dr. Marshall then passed copies of the document and he recommended that the Graduate Council accept it. A motion was made and was seconded to approve the document. After a lengthy discussion, several recommendations were made, one of which was to include a statement that clarifies that these are �minimum� standards. The motion passed unanimously.


B.�� Membership Committee


����������������� No report


C.�� Curriculum Committee


Dr. Marshall asked Dr. Elkassabgi to update and give a summary of the recommendations of his committee to the Graduate Council.


Dr. Elkassabgi reported that the Curriculum Committee met on April 9 and reviewed two masters level proposals from Accounting (new course and change course description), 59 doctoral level new course proposals for the College of Pharmacy, one new course proposal from History, and ten masters level proposals from Communications and Theatre Arts (five new courses, two modification of degree plan, and three change course prerequisites). Dr. Elkassabgi, on behalf of the Curriculum Committee, recommended that the Graduate Council accept these proposals. A motion was made and was seconded to approve the proposals. The motion passed unanimously.


Dr. Elkassabgi also reported that the Curriculum Committee has received 22 proposals from the College of Engineering (one from Industrial Engineering and 21 from Environmental Engineering). He moved to have the Graduate Council vote on these proposals over email after the Curriculum Committee approves them; the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


On April 28, the Curriculum Committee met and approved all 22 proposals from the College of Engineering. Dr. Elkassabgi then requested approval of all proposals by the Graduate Council; all curriculum proposals (one from Industrial Engineering and 21 from Environmental Engineering) were approved on April 29 via email.


D.     Program Review Committee


No report


III.               Dean's Report


Dr. Olivares conducted Standing Committee elections for AY 2003-2004. The results of the elections are as follows:

����������� Executive Committee:

����������������������� Chair: Dr. Hector Estrada (College of Engineering)

����������������������� Dr. David Hewitt (College of Ag/HS)

����������������������� Dr. David Sabrio (College Arts & Sciences)

����������������������� Dr. Chu-Cheng Tai (College of Business Administration)

����������������������� Dr. Fred Ponder (College of Education)

����������� Membership Committee:

����������������������� Chair: Dr. Steven D. Lukefahr (College of Ag/HS)

����������������������� Dr. John Thomson (College Arts & Sciences)

����������������������� Dr. Frank Taylor (College of Business Administration)

����������������������� Dr. Nestor Sherman (College of Education)

����������������������� Dr. Kim Jones (College of Engineering)

����������� Curriculum Committee:

����������������������� Chair: Dr. Robert Marshall (College of Education)

����������������������� Dr. Jaime Laurenz (College of Ag/HS)

����������������������� Dr. Liliana Dorado (College Arts & Sciences)

����������������������� Dr. Sameer Vaidya (College of Business Administration)

����������������������� Dr. Sangwong Lee (College of Engineering)

����������� Program Review Committee

����������������������� Chair: Dr. Dean Furguson (College Arts & Sciences)

����������������������� Dr. Joseph Rossman (College of Business Administration)

����������������������� Dr. Karen Furgerson (College of Education)

����������������������� Dr. Hayden Abdul-Razzak (College of Engineering)

����������������������� Dr. Anna McArthur (College of Ag/HS)

Dr. Olivares discussed that according to Dr. Tom Jackson, Vice President for Student Affairs, new mandatory fees (changes to student service fees or adding a new athletic fee) generally require student approval whereas changing room rates or lab fees, for example, do not.Changing designated tuition requires student input (board hearing), and so we always hold a forum to share this information. In short, some fees require approval to change them past a certain amount and some do not. It all depends on how they passed the legislature when they were enacted.


Dr. Olivares circulated a copy of the Texas A&M University System Graduate Faculty Guidelines proposal to the Graduate Council via email for comments.  The response has been very positive. One comment in particular pointed to how this document would solve past problems that the joint Ph.D. program in Animal and Wildlife Sciences has had. �Specifically having faculty at TAMUK, outside of the Animal and Wildlife Sciences Department, serve on Ph.D. committees.  Previously, faculty in other departments on campus (e.g. Biology Department) were not eligible to serve on dissertation committees�. This proposed document will allow our faculty to serve on student master's and doctoral committees at other universities within our System. 


IV.              Student Representatives




V.                 Old Business


Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia, Membership Committee Chair, motion to consider the item that was tabled in February (eliminate or make permanent the following statement: �If a faculty member has served the TAMUK campus for 25 years or more, then that faculty member may be automatically renewed with �Full� status until retirement�); the motion was seconded and passed unanimously. After a lengthy discussion, the Graduate Council voted unanimously to eliminate the statement.


VI.              New Business


Because of concerns about the possible elimination of the position of Director of the Office of International Programs, Dr. Marshall requested that the Graduate Council discuss the importance of this position, particularly as it relates to our graduate programs. A motion was made for the Graduate Council�s support for the position of Director of International Programs; the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


VII.            A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:45 p.m.The motion was seconded and passed.There is no plan to meet for the rest of the summer unless something additional arises.




Respectfully submitted,



Dr. Hector Estrada, Secretary