Guaranteed Tuition Task Force

Chaired by: Senior Vice President for Fiscal and Student Affairs

Membership: Membership is composed of top university leaders who can provide data analysis and policy/practice implication information.

Charge: The Guaranteed Tuition Task Force is ultimately responsible for studying and making recommendations to the University Budget Council regarding the creation of a Guaranteed Tuition Plan for TAMUK in compliance with the law and agenda item approved by the Board of Regents in 2014.

Date of Completion: No later than December 9, 2013

2013-14 Membership

Dr. Terisa Riley, Chair Ms. Lallah Howard
Mr. Manuel Lujan Mr. Scott Gines
Mr. Ralph Perri Ms. Kirsten Compary
Ms. Joanne Alvarado Ms. Melanie Ramirez
Mr. Ramon Blakely Ms. Chelsea Nkrumah
Ms. Mari Ybanez Ms. Jennifer Alexander
Mr. Ken Mitts, TAMU-SA Ms. Stephanie Scott, TAMU-SA
Ms. Trish Hayes, TAMU-SA Dr. Eric Cooper, TAMU-SA
Mr. Duane Gardiner

Meeting Minutes

FY15 Requests

Athletic Fee Increase Request Justification (3-12-14)

Student Rec Fee Increase Request Justification (3-12-14)

Purposed Tuition and Fee Increases (3-31-14)

TAMUK-University Services Fee Request

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