University Budget Council

Chaired by: Senior Vice President for Fiscal and Student Affairs

Membership: Membership is composed of top university leaders including the vice presidents, associate vice presidents, deans, director of     the library, director of planning and assessment, and representatives of the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government Association.  The Director of Budgets serves as an ex-officio member of the council.

Function: The University Budget Council is ultimately responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the University President about allocations of the university’s financial resources.  The UBC will ensure that the university budget is used to support university priorities as outlined in Institutional Effectiveness Plan requests as well as the University Strategic Plan.

2015-16 Membership

Dr. Terisa Riley, Chair

Mr. Randy Hughes

Dr. Heidi Anderson

Mr. Scott Gines

Dr. Duane Gardiner

Mr. Bruce Schueneman

Dr. Raj Challoo

Ms. Carson Alsop

Dr. Kim McCuistion

Ms. Belinda Hughes

Ms. Kirsten Compary

Dr. Natasha Delcoure

Dr. Steve Nix

Dr. Dolores Guerrero

Dr. Alberto Ruiz

Dr. Allen Rasmussen

Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahman

Mr. Ralph Stephens

Ms. Joanne Macias

Mr. Robert Paulson

Dr. Mary Gonzalez

Dr. Nancy KingSanders

Ms. Jennifer Alexander, ex-officio

Mr. Abel Morales, ex-officio

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