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This brochure of information and procedures regarding fire safety was prepared by the EHS Office for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus of Texas A&M University Kingsville.

This brochure is intended to serve as a guide to fire safety, however, additional safety measures may be necessary under certain circumstances.




Emergency Fire Procedures

If you are involved in an emergency fire situation on the campus of Texas A&M - Kingsville, implement the four-step FIR(E2) procedure.

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If you see or smell smoke, investigate.  You should try to determine the extent of the fire, the type of fire and the location of fire.

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Alert the people in the vicinity to the danger as quickly as possible.  Pull the fire alarm station and ask other people to assist in the evacuation of the building.  NEVER try to control a fire before other people in the building and UPD have been notified.

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Instruct someone to call UPD at extension 2611 to report the emergency.  If you are alone - call UPD prior to any attempt at extinguishing the fire.

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Extinguish or...

Attempt to extinguish the fire ONLY if it is small enough to be contained AND you know how to use the extinguisher.  Place yourself between the fire and an exit when using an extinguisher to prevent from being trapped.

For small fires that were controlled and extinguished, do not try to clean the area.  UPD must first investigate the situation.

an exit sign Evacuate

If the fire cannot be extinguished - EVACUATE!  Use stairways to exit the building.  Do not use elevators.  As you exit the building, close as many doors as possible.  Closed doors act as fire barriers.

Once outside, move to a safe meeting place away from the firefighters.  Tell the fire department if anyone is left in the building.  Stay outside the building until the fire department has indicated that the building is safe to re-enter.

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