Facilities Planning and Construction Staff

Director of Facilities Planning and Construction
Christopher Vera, M.S. CTCM, CEFP
Phone: x2645      Email: christopher.vera@tamuk.edu

Senior Project Manager
Jack Culbertson
Phone: x4770     Email: jack.culbertson@tamuk.edu

Project Manager
Patricia Lozano
Phone: x3384     Email: patricia.lozano@tamuk.edu 

Project Manager
Ernest Salazar, Jr.
Phone: x4505    Email: ernest.salazar@tamuk.edu

Financial Planning Manager
Jen Fockler
Phone: x4180    Email: jennifer.fockler@tamuk.edu

Utilities Engineer
Rick Sunday
Phone: x4395    Email: richard.sunday@tamuk.edu 

Administrative Assistant II
Laura Perez
Phone: x2645    Email: laura.perez@tamuk.edu 

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