IV. Financing Strategy

Each year TAMUK upgrades a portion of its facilities in response to deferred maintenance or scheduled upgrade needs. TAMUK primary funding is through HEAF funds (Internal State Funding) are generally allocated for these projects, or in some instances, tuition revenue bonds. Funding for the Energy Efficiency and Water Management upgrades will likely be funded through HEAF and a portion through Student services fees made available to upgrade auxiliary facilities, including deferred maintenance. In 1997 TAMUK made use of the LoanStar Program to upgrade several buildings. Although LoanStar no longer has a significant supply of funds for low cost loans, it is a possible future funding source.  Bond projects have not been a primary source of funds for TAMUK since HEAF has been available. Although energy service companies may be a source of partial funding of projects, they will remain a second or tertiary means of funding when compared to HEAF funding.  Another funding source called “Rebuild America Plan” has had 4-4.5% dollars available. Again, a secondary means of funding. An additional source of funding, comes from “Private” sources through the fund raising ability of those tasked for that purpose.

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