Habits for Our Habitat

Check out the list of Habits for Our Habitat, choose 3 new habits to adopt in your everyday life. 

1. Water conservation habits

  • I will turn off the water faucet while I brush my teeth
  • I will take a short shower
  • I will water my outside plants in the morning or the evening
  • I will report any leaks or drippy faucets
  • I will wash and rinse dishes in a sink of water (faucet off!)

2. Energy conservation habits

  • I will remember to turn out the lights when I leave the room
  • I will turn off my computer and monitor when not in use
  • I will wash my clothes in cold water
  • I will walk or ride a bike around campus
  • I will commute on a shuttle bus or carpool
  • I will keep my vehicle tires fully inflated all the time

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle habits

  • I will recycle where I live
  • I will use only one paper towel to dry my hands
  • I will donate stuff to a worthy organization like Goodwill
  • I will recycle where I work
  • I will use cloth napkins at home and only one paper napkin out
  • I will avoid buying products with a lot of packaging
  • I will take a permanent coffee mug or water bottle everywhere

This page was last updated on: October 8, 2015