Campus-Wide Shredding

Campus-Wide Shredding

TAMUK partners with Goodwill Industries of South Texas several times per year to shred office paper for administrative entities across campus. The dates for the event are posted on JNET and circulated with help from JAG.

If Departments have boxes of paper to shred prior to the announced shred event then they can follow the procedure and have their boxes picked up by Campus Services for safekeeping in the Central Receiving warehouse until the mass shredding event.

Note: Deadline 2 is 2 weeks after Deadline 1, Deadline 3 is 2 weeks after Deadline 2, Truck Arrival is 2 weeks after Deadline 3.


Deadline 1

Departments paperwork due to the Registrar’s Office

Deadline 2

Departments work orders due for campus movers to take boxes

Campus movers deliver boxes to Central Receiving

Deadline 3

Registrar’s Office forwards paperwork to Central Receiving and Sustainability

Goodwill truck arrives to pick up boxes

Shredded Documents


This page was last updated on: January 8, 2018