How recycling works on campus

Recyclable materials and bins

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TAMUK campus recycling is trucked to the Kingsville Recycling Center where it is checked for contamination before being sent to Corpus Christi. If a bag of recyclables has any food or drink contamination, the entire batch is thrown away as garbage.

From the Corpus Christi Recycling Center it is shipped to recycling plants so that the materials can be re-introduced into industrial production. Therefore we are only able to recycle materials that Corpus Christi recycles.*

Paper Recycling Symbol for UniversityMixed paper: newspaper, office paper, clean paper bags, paperboard boxes, etc.

Plastic and Metal University Recycling SysmbolPlastic & Metal: milk jugs, water bottles, plastic with triangle symbols 1-6 (but no
Styrofoam or wrappers) & steel cans, aluminum cans, clean foil

Trash Bins SymbolGarbage is garbage!: Keep it out of the recycling bins! it all goes to the landfill: food contaminants, non-recyclable plastics, etc.

*Corpus Christi collects glass quarterly. Follow this link to find out when and where to take it!

Campus bins

These are the bins you will find in locations across campus, both indoors and outdoors. Blue bins are for recycling and brown bins are for garbage - keep it separate!

Area Type of bin Type of recycling
Residence Halls Residential bags Single stream (mixed)
Faculty and Staff Indoor blue office bin Single stream (mixed)
Public Places Indoor big blue bin Separated: Paper & Plastic/Metal
Indoor big tan bin Separated: Trash Only
Outdoor blue roll-out bin Flattened cardboard & bagged shredded paper
Outdoor cages Flattened cardboard & bagged shredded paper
Cardboard boxes Special materials such as ink cartridges

Campus recycling streams


Residence room bags filled > students empty into > indoor blue bins > emptied by Recycling Crew

Offices bins filled > custodial staff empties into > indoor blue bins > emptied by Recycling Crew

Indoor big blue bins filled > emptied by Recycling Crew

Outdoor blue roll-out bins filled by custodial staff > emptied by Recycling Crew

Outdoor cages filled by Javelina Dining and custodial staff > emptied by Recycling Crew

Cardboard boxes filled by campus community> emptied by Recycling Crew

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