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Are you ready?

It’s all about keeping stuff out of the landfills!

Reuse! Take old clothes and household items to a charity like Goodwill.

Recycle! Take a good look at this site to see how recycling works in Javelina Habitat. Then…

Take our pledge to promise yourself that you will do your best to keep stuff out of the landfills!

pledge to reduce the use of products that cannot be recycled. I understand that it’s better to use a permanent water bottle than a recyclable water bottle.
pledge to reuse products whenever possible. I understand that it is better to take old clothes to a charity than to throw them away.
pledge to recycle materials on campus or at home that the Kingsville Recycling Center collects. Whenever possible I will recycle special items such as clothing, batteries and ink cartridges.

This page was last updated on: June 9, 2017