Javelina Habitat Logo

Javelina Habitat LogoIn the summer of 2012 a group of people met to talk about what the logo for sustainability at TAMUK would look like. It should be lively! It should be unique! It should express our campus! So, this is what the Office of Marketing and Communications came up with.

The Javelina Habitat logo expresses Texas A & M University Kingsville’s mission to Educate our entire campus in the ways that sustainability can make a difference in the interdependent welfare of people and the environment! In all aspects of campus life all year round, people Advocate for change that will benefit societies and the planet! And at TAMUK we are proud of the academic and operational activities to Innovate in sustainability, whether it’s adopting a new drought resistant grass, or the creation of a Center that will help guide energy resource development.

Every symbol has meaning

Apple – Excellence in academics is a long standing mission of our university! This includes all the courses and majors that are related to or focused on sustainability.

Light bulb – Practicing energy conservation habits in our day-to-day local life on campus really will help to turn around Climate Change on a global scale!

Water droplet – Water conservation in the arid climate of South Texas is so important and is as simple as turning off the water faucet while you wash your hands or brush your teeth!

Hand – Sustainability is all about fairness in the lives of people on our campus, in our state, our country and our planet! Now and for future generations!

Bicycle – When you ride a bike across campus, you make a real contribution to mitigating Climate Change! And you sustain your own health in the process!

Tree leaves – The beautiful Live Oaks that grace our Javelina Habitat are precious to our campus. Trees are amazing – they take in the bad air and breathe out the good (literally!)

This page was last updated on: February 10, 2017