Campus Habitat

The Last Great Habitat

South Texas is one of the most biodiverse and ecologically important regions in North America and known to many ecologists as “The Last Great Habitat”. Many of the plants and animals here are found nowhere else. South Texas also serves as the greatest migratory bird corridor in the US as hundreds of species funnel through the coastal bend during both spring and fall seasons.

The reasons south Texas is so diverse is attributed to the highly variable precipitation and temperature this region experiences, the high variation in soils and topography, and the amount of acreage in large ranches which have maintained native habitat for wildlife because wildlife are economically important in the region. This diversity makes studying wildlife and natural processes in south Texas such a great opportunity. No other campus in the US is surrounded by so much beautiful and unique plant and animal life!


The Texas A & M University Kingsville campus, also known as Javelina Habitat by the Office for Sustainability, began introducing measures to save costs and resources many years ago. The process gains momentum as Administrators, students, faculty and staff recognize that every day presents opportunities to conserve energy and water, recycle, and take care of our health! As individuals, each of us is responsible for sustaining a healthy lifestyle and performing all the little daily tasks that add up to making a big difference to the local habitat and to Planet Earth throughout the year. As students and faculty, each of us can take advantage of opportunities to learn how our major can make an impact on a sustainable future. As administrators, we will guide our institution of higher learning toward practicing sustainability in our energy, water and construction management.

Our campus is not only a very special place, Javelina Habitat is a state of mind for Going Green on campus and taking it out into the world!

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