Javelina House Green Interiors Student Competition

What is it?

The Javelina House holds a very special position on campus since it was built in 1936 with funds from the state and the Works Progress Administration during the Depression Era.  According to Sandra Rexroat, Director of the South Texas Archives, “it was the ‘Homemaking Cottage’ where girls who were taking a degree in vocational home economics would live for one semester engaging in home management.”  Since then it has been “home” to a variety of campus offices and everyone who has ever worked here remembers the building fondly!

This is a competition for students to where the physical surroundings can reflect and inspire a “green” attitude toward day-to-day living. The furnishings should constitute a complete and coordinated environment for all the rooms of the House, not to include any structural change to its spaces.

The competition is organized by the Office of Campus Sustainability, which seeks to involve students at every opportunity to make our campus part of a more sustainable world.

Sustainability is defined by Texas A&M University-Kingsville as “adherence to principles and practices that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future.”

Rules and regulations

Eligibility: Who Can Enter?

The competition is open to individual students. Participants must be currently enrolled TAMUK students. Graduate students are also eligible. Each entrant must register one faculty advisor.

The competition is also open to teams and organizations who would like to submit a group entry. If a group is an award winner, members must determine the division of the prizes. Organizations can have the value of the prize submitted to their club account.

What are the award categories?

Grand prize          Most sustainable materials, expressing the spirit of sustainability, excellent presentation    

Second Prize        Most sustainable materials, outstanding presentation                                                                     

Third Prize            Best expresses the spirit of sustainability, outstanding presentation                                                       

How to Register for the Competition

Each organization, student group, or individual student should complete the Registration Form and include it as a part of their submission packet. The Registration Form is available for downloading at The Javelina Habitat Facebook page where students will find other information and resources.

What to Submit

1)     Registration form

2)     Project description and concept statement

3)     Visual aids

4)     Budget


1)     Registration Form

Find it at Javelina Habitat Facebook page (and Like us while you’re at it!)

2) Project description and concept statement

Provide a brief description of the project with an overview of your concept and goals. Descriptions must be formatted in a double spaced 12 Arial font. Consider addressing the following topics:

>What is your interpretation of “sustainability” and how is it expressed in your project?

>Is there room for expansion of the project? Is there an opportunity to implement it in other areas of campus?

> How does the project relate to the global context?

>Is this a “systems thinking” project**?

3) Visual Aids

Submit photo images of the presentation boards that you will present before the panel of judges. Include elements that help the judges understand every aspect of your project such as images, material samples, drawings, floor plans, etc. Other forms of media such as video or sound can also be submitted with the proposal. Video must be in standard formats (mp4,avi,divx,wmv) and audio can be presented in formats such as mp4 or wav. Make sure to reference the existence of Audio/Visual in your project description.

4) Budget

To be considered, budgets must list the costs of all furnishings and identify vendors with sales rep contacts.


Award winning projects may be implemented in their entirety or in part at the Javelina House. Parts of any entries may be incorporated into the implemented design. All projects become available to the Office of Campus Sustainability for use in the final implementation.

How to submit the application packet

Entries must be submitted along with the Registration form, Statement, Visuals and Budget via e-mail to the Office of Sustainability in a Microsoft Word or PDF file with any Audio/Visual aids attached separately. Send entries to Sustainability@tamuk.edu


The deadline for all submission packets is Monday, February 3, 2014 by 5 p.m.

Media coverage

Winners will be announced through traditional and social media outlets. Their projects will also receive media coverage as they progress and are completed.


There will be a panel of judges consisting of six judges from multiple academic disciplines and aspects of campus life in order to ensure a balanced review of the proposals from all aspects of sustainability.

Five finalists will be invited to present their projects to the judges at a public meeting at the Javelina House, date TBD.

Judging Criteria

>The Project Description includes a clearly stated philosophy of the project and states the project’s relationship to the global context and its interconnection to other sustainability issues/aspects.

>The impact of the project on our campus is considered. How can the selections become appropriate elsewhere on campus? Is there potential for expanding the project by increasing its size or implementation in other areas of campus? What are the long-term benefits of the project?

>The presentation includes a thorough use of visual aids such as samples, floorplans, CAD drawings, etc., to help the panel of judges understand the experience of the project.

>The budget is detailed and demonstrates research into the actual costs of furnishings and their sources. What are the merits of the project when considered in balance with its costs?


A panel of campus-wide judges, including the Director of Campus Sustainability, and Coordinators will review the entries at the presentation by students. 

Students will be able to vote for a project through a Collegiate Link site. Students will follow the same guidelines (see Judging Criteria, above) provided for the panel of judges. The student vote will count as one judge’s vote.

Dates to remember

October 3, 5 p.m.        Javelina House Open House, refreshments and conversation
Walk through the house, take pictures, get valuable hand-outs about resources for green furnishings, and listen to the clients talk about their dreams for the Javelina House!

February 3, 2014               Entries due at the Javelina House no later than 5 pm

January 28, 2014               Winners announced through Javelina Habitat Facebook page

Awards* (same as Categories, above)

Sage green                             $250 Barnes and Noble gift certificate 

Sea green                                $100 Barnes and Noble gift certificate  

Hunter green                       $50 Barnes and Noble gift certificate

*Winners will be taxed the value of the prizes, according to state and federal laws.

Good luck to everyone!



*A Living-Learning-Lab is a campus where the entire environment, indoors and outdoors, presents the opportunity for a learning-by-doing experience.

**”Systems thinking” is an approach that considers the interconnectedness of everything. For example, a Coke can is recyclable, which is good, but also consider how much energy was required to make the coke and the can, not to mention digging up the raw materials out of the ground for the can, and delivering the Cokes to the Coke machine and the cost of refrigeration, etc. on top of all those empty calories that are consumed by the human body, etc., Better to drink a glass of water?

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