What is the Global Sustainability Competition?


Competition Rules and Reulations
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Competition Registration Form
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This competition was organized by the Office for International and Multicultural Affairs, the Office of Campus Sustainability, faculty from the Colleges of Engineering, and Arts and Sciences. These entities saw an opportunity to celebrate student diversity on our campus while learning about sustainability in other parts of the world.

This year marks the second year for student presentations about sustainability issues from all over the world during Sustainability Week, and it is the first year for a competition with awards. Three students will be awarded full travel funding to attend the PATHS conference 2014* so that they can present their poster to the entire Texas A&M system of universities.

Rules and regulations

Eligibility: Who Can Enter

The contest is open to individual students. Participants must be currently enrolled TAMUK students and plan to be enrolled in the Fall semester of 2014. Graduate students are also eligible. Each entrant must register one faculty advisor, with secondary advisors allowed.

What are the submission topics?

Students are invited to present topics from any issue relating to sustainability:



Waste/Reduce/Reuse/Recycling Management

Social awareness/justice/development

It is recommended that students focus on a specific topic regarding sustainability. If you would like guidance on your choice of topic you can contact Elizabeth Laurence at Elizabeth.Laurence@tamuk.edu or Laura Prange at Laura.Prange@tamuk.edu




Phase I


Each student should complete the Registration Form and include it as a part of their submission materials. The Registration Form is available to download at The Javelina Habitat Facebook page and the Campus Sustainability website where students will find other information and resources.

What to Submit

1)     Registration form (Microsoft Word or PDF file)

2)     File containing the poster (Powerpoint slide, sized to be printed out at 3’ x 4’)

How to submit the Phase I materials

Submit the poster and the Registration form via e-mail to the Office of Campus Sustainability. Use the e-mail address: Sustainability@tamuk.edu


The deadline for all submissions is Monday, April 14, 2014 at 12 a.m. Finalists who are continuing to Phase II judging will be contacted on Wednesday, April 16 with recommendations for improvements to their poster. The final presentation will be on April 21, time and place TBA.

Phase II

Finalists who are continuing to Phase II judging will be contacted on Wednesday, April 16. The final presentation will be on April 21, time and place TBA. Five students selected to advance to this phase will make a 10-minute presentation of their poster to a panel of judges.


Three students will be selected to attend the PATHS conference in the Fall 2014 to present their posters. All expenses will be paid.  

Good luck to everyone, from

The Student Sustainability Advisory Group and

The Office of Campus Sustainability!

*Sustainability is defined at Texas A&M University-Kingsville as, “adherence to principles and practices that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future.”

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