Office of Campus Sustainability

The Office of Campus Sustainability is housed in the Javelina House on Santa Gertrudis Blvd. The door is always open to students, faculty, staff, administrators and the Kingsville community. Sustainability encompasses every aspect of human endeavor, so that means everyone is included and everyone can get involved!!!!

The office serves the campus community by inspiring and facilitating sustainability initiatives, aside from the many excellent research and teaching programs already occurring in academic units throughout the university. Our aspiration is that a strong and vibrant office will represent the importance that Texas A & M University-Kingsville places on being a State of Texas leader in university sustainability! A strong and vibrant office supports a culture of sustainability, meaning that our campus community recognizes our responsibility to practice sustainability habits in everyday life and understands the impact that such actions have on the local, regional, national and global communities.

The office facilitates the implementation of the University Sustainability Plan, including the enhancement of academic learning and research, service learning, student engagement, awareness, and campus operations. We support the efforts of all campus entities working for social equity, reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water, and reducing our dependence on the landfill; and we aspire to empower everyone to work for a better future for future generations.

Office of Campus Sustainability Mission Statement

The Office of Campus Sustainability promotes the stewardship of societal and environmental resources by developing and joining in initiatives both internal and external to our campus, in order to cultivate the spirit of sustainability throughout the Javelina Nation and for future generations.



Eliasz Twitty

Recycling Coordinator
Office of Campus Sustainability
Voice: 361.593.3365
Fax 361.593.3218  


Erasmo Villarreal

Gardening/compost intern
Office of Campus Sustainability


Roel Tovar

Bike Recycling Intern
Office of Campus Sustainabilty 



Prashanth Akundi

Digital Media Specialist
Office of Campus Sustainabilty 



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