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The new state law HB 29 requires all public institutions in Texas to offer a guaranteed tuition plan for Undergraduate resident students effective Fall 2014.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville will implement a mandatory guaranteed tuition plan for all new and current undergraduate students beginning in Fall 2014. We have elected to include both resident and non-resident undergraduate students in the new tuition plans.

To transition our current undergraduate students into Guaranteed Tuition, each student was placed into the following JPAKs based on their earned credit hours. Going forward, transfer students will be placed into the various JPAKs based on their earned credit hours that transfer in to the university.

Variable Rate Tuition

Beginning Fall 2016, Texas A&M University-Kingsville will have an option of a guaranteed tuition plan or a 1 year variable tuition & fee rate plan. Unlike the guaranteed rate plan, this variable rate plan is subject to increase on a yearly basis. If a student chooses the variable rate plan, they will no longer be able to go back to the guaranteed rate plan.  For Fall 2016, new students will have until 1st class day to opt for the variable rate.  New Fall 2016 students were enrolled by default in the guaranteed tuition plan.  

Starting with Spring 2017 semester, new students must make the selection at time of registration. For Academic Year 2016-2017 ( Fall 2016 thru Summer 2017), the variable rate will be the same rate as the guaranteed tuition & fee rate for 1 year.  This rate may increase for the Academic Year 2017-2018

What JPAK are you in?(*Excludes Dual Enrolled, Graduate & Doctoral)

Login to JNET > Student tab > Guaranteed Tuition Information channel

How to find your JPAK

  Guaranteed Tuition Rates: Undergraduate Students only

Texas Residents

Non-Texas Residents            

JPAK 1617

JPAK 1617







Graduate and Doctoral Students

Texas Residents (AY2016-17)

Non-Texas Residents (AY2016-17)

Dual Enrolled High School Students

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