Accounts Inquiry

Accounts Inquiry in Canopy

Accounts Inquiry in FAMIS

Budget: Canopy Power Point

Account Inquiry in Canopy

  • The website is
  • Same FAMIS User ID and password
  • Access Employee Payroll Action Module (EPA)
  • Access Document Routing & Approvals
  • Access Accounts Inquiry (Scr 19/23/21)
  • Access Fixed Assets Module (Inventory)

Note: If you don't have access to all of these modules, you can complete a FAMIS Security Access form: FAMIS Security Access Form (Excel)/(PDF)

Account Inquiry in FAMIS

001 FAMIS (FRS) Main Menu
Screen Description
9 Expiration Date, Signatory Authority
8 Designated Grant Administrator, misc. information
34 Main Screen, Shows Budget, Expenses Cash, Balance
74 Main Screen for Support Accounts
21 Outstanding Encumbrances for Main Accounts
61 Outstanding Encumbrances for Support Accounts
23 All Activity for Current Fiscal Year by Support Accounts
63 All Activity for Current Fiscal Year by Support Accounts
46 All Activity for Specific Month
76 All Activity for Specific Month by Support Accounts
29 Accounts Search
68 Account Search for Support Account

M11 A/P Main Menu - Inquiry and Vendor                             
Screen Description
103 Vendor Identification Number
160 Invoices by Vendor Inquiry
162 Voucher Inquiry by Vendor
168 Voucher Inquiry by Voucher
350 Invoice Inquiry by Document #(PO,L,& R)
351 Invoice Inquiry by Vendor

For any budget related questions, please contact Budget Office (ext.2793)

or Payroll Office (ext. 2258)

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