International Travel Safety

International Travel Safety: Safe Passage Presentation – Employees traveling internationally must complete the international travel safety training every three years. The training is available through TrainTraq - search for course 2111728.

It is recommended that the traveler register with the US Department of State using the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This allows the traveler to receive information from the embassy about safety conditions in the destination country and helps the embassy contact the traveler in case of an emergency.

Also, even though it is required that the traveler check the US Department of State Travel Warnings and Alerts at the time of the Travel Request submission in Concur, it is also recommend to check the site before departure.  If the destination country has a Travel Alert/Warning since the Travel Request Approval, justification may be required to continue with the trip.  There are also many other links on this site that provide vital information about the country (e.g. U.S. Embassy contact information, safety and security, travel, health, visa requirements, etc.)

This page was last updated on: February 6, 2017