Special Recyclables

Javelina Recycling partners with the City of Kingsville for our everyday recycling, but there are many more materials that can be broken down and re-introduced into the industrial stream to make new products. Here are materials the TAMUK community diverts from the landfill on a regular basis, and how you can participate. At this time, TAMUK can’t recycle any of your materials from home. Give the Office of Campus Sustainability a call if you have any questions!

Paper shredding

Javelina Recycling partners with Goodwill Industries of South Texas to shred/recycle documents for administrative entities across campus. The dates for the event are posted on JNET and circulated with help from JAG. Following are the steps that departments should take to participate:

Deadline 1                                               Departments paperwork due* to the Registrar’s Office

                                                                        Departments prepare boxes** with labels, ready for pick up

                                                      Departments work orders due for campus movers to take boxes

For the next ten days                       Campus movers deliver boxes from Departments to Central Receiving

*Follow this link to find the forms that must be filled out to shred paper. Contact Mildred Slaughter with questions about the forms.

**Use standardized banker’s boxes available at Staples Summis:


Javelina Recycling partners with Round2 of Austin to recycle campus electronics including cords, batteries, phones, keyboards, towers, monitors, etc. To participate take your electronics to Central Receiving at the Physical Plant. At this time we only take campus electronics, and not your stuff from home.

Check out Round2 to see how recycling is done on an industrial scale!

Ink and toner cartridges*

Typically, cartridges are no longer re-filled with ink, but they can be recycled in one of the following ways:

1)     TAMUK departments return to Staples Summis by placing the cartridge in the return envelope with label and placing in a Fed X box.

2)     If the label is lost, you can still return the cartridge to the Staples Summis delivery person when they come to your department. They prefer to have the cartridges in a box of some kind.

3)     Take the cartridges yourself to TAMUK Central Receiving in the Physical Plant on Retama Drive. They prefer that the cartridges are not boxed or bagged at all.


Both alkaline and lithium ion batteries are recycled by Round2. Take them to the TAMUK Central Receiving in the Physical Plant on Retama Drive.


We do not recycle Styrofoam at this time.

Athletic Shoes

Javelina Recycling partners with the World Wear Project to re-purpose the athletic shoes that are worn, but not worn out. There are five collection bins across campus! Donate your shoes at the Student Recreation Center, Lucio Hall, Lynch Hall, Athletics, and Steinke Physical Education Center.


Better World Books re-purposes the books that TAMUK is no longer able to use. Call the Office of Campus Sustainability at 593-4220 if you have books to re-purpose.

Move Out Day

Javelina Recycling partners with Goodwill Industries of South Texas to re-purpose all the belongings that are unwanted by students moving out of the residence halls. Their Donate Here truck is parked in front of Javelina Dining Hall for the convenience of students.

Game Day

The Javelina Recycling Crew works with Javelina Students for Sustainability to collect plastic bottles and metal cans during tailgating on Game Days. The student organization takes the cans for recycling to a scrap metal dealer and the proceeds support the group’s activities throughout the year.

This page was last updated on: October 8, 2015