Shreding Procedure


The following procedures must be followed:

1)   Departments who want to shred documents should use the following standard box available at Staples Summus:

       Easy Fold Storage Boxes, #690748; $137.91 per 12ct.

2)   All boxes should be full for safety in stacking boxes and for shipping maximum cost effectiveness.

3)   All boxes should be labeled on both small ends with the Records Retention Form available through the Registrar’s Office. Download form at

4)   Each college/department/activity will complete the Record Destruction Form available through the Registrar’s Office and submit two copies to the Office of the Registrar no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled destruction date set by the Office of Campus Sustainability.

Download form at: http:/

5)   The college/department/activity will ensure the agency item number listed on the Record Destruction Form (left column). This number is found in the left column of the Records Retention Schedule. No abbreviations are to be used in completing the form. The form must be filled out completely or it will not be processed. The System Records Retention Schedule can be found on the Registrar webpage at:

6)   The Dean or Director/Head of the college/department/activity must sign and date the form.

7)   The college/department/activity will contact facilities to have the documents transported to Central Receiving no later than the deadline date indicated on the current shredding announcement.

8)   The Office of the Registrar will review the form for accuracy of the retention period associated with the document requesting to be destroyed and contact the college/department/activity if a discrepancy is determined. Personnel at Central receiving will notify individuals if the boxes do not follow the correct protocol.

9)   If no discrepancies are determined, the form will be given to the individual that will witness the destruction of the documents. The college/department/activity will receive a copy of the form from the Registrar’s Office after the documents are destroyed with the date of records destruction and destruction method completed.


Office of Campus Sustainability, Eliasz McCullen, x3365

Registrar’s Office, Millie Slaughter, x2834

Central Receiving, Jackie Jefferson, x2626

Campus Services, work order to move boxes is submitted through the Physical Plant webpage.

This page was last updated on: January 8, 2018