Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education headquarters

In LA, where the Association for
the Advancement of Sustainability
in Higher Education (AASHE) met
in October of 2012, electric
vehicles are serviced at
charging stations.

NYC sticker

This is how you reuse flyers and
stickers in NYC!  

Turbine Raising

Engineering student Jon Gorman
and Denis Gulieof raise a wind
turbine at the Physical Plant in
the winter of 2012. 

presenting wind turbine

Denis Gulieof and Jon Gorman
present their wind turbine project
to students and campus
administrators at the Physical Plant.

Recyclemania weighing 2013

Recyclemania, the annual
national competition, means
weighing all the recycling,
including the electronics, for a
three-month period.

Fields dry outside of kinsville

South of Kingsville, agriculture
suffers from the drought in the
already arid Coastal Bend Region. 

Buffalograss Seeding of Javelina Habitat Garden

The Javelina Habitat Garden gets
the Buffalograss seed,
provided by South Texas natives,
watered in April, 2013. 

Bay Day Clean Up Kaufer-Hubert Park

For Bay Day, Sustainability
Week, 2013, faculty and
students join the Beach
Clean-Up at Kaufer-Hubert

Chad Pregracke tours Baffin Bay

Chad Pregracke, Keynote
speaker for Sustainability
Week 2013 joins Paul Perez
from the Physical Plant
and friend in a tour of
Baffin Bay to check
for trash – clean bill
of health!

Chad Pregracke with Laura Prange

Chad Pregracke, founder of
the environmental organization,
Living Lands and Waters, is
accompanied by Laura Prange,
Director of the Office of
Campus Sustainability, enjoy
the boat tour of beautiful
Baffin Bay.

Chad Pregracke engaging students

Chad Pregracke engaged
students and faculty in a
workshop on becoming an
activist for a sustainable
future, Sustainability
Week, 2013. 

TAMUK Administration at Javelina Habitat Garden unveiling

Administrators, including
President Tallant, admire the
Javelina Habitat Garden, the
work of Eric Grahmann, and
the native Seed and Plant
Identification Team. 

Eric with Forrest Smith and team members

Eric Grahmann with Forrest Smith,
adviser and the Team members. 

Javelina Habitat Garden after a month

After a month and a rain or two,
the plants in the Javelina
Habitat Garden are taking hold 

Arbor Day 2013 Texas Farm Bureau's Mobil Learning Barn

For Arbor Day 2013, a tree was
planted at the Marc Cisneros
Center for Young Children, and
the Texas Farm Bureau’s Mobile
Learning Barn made
an appearance!

Girl Scout Troop 9210

Girl Scout Troop 9210 conducted
a study of the energy efficiency
of the third floor of Rhode Hall,
summer 2013, and presented
a Powerpoint of their findings
to a fascinated audience
– good job! 

Summer Recycling Crew with Truck

Ruben Lopez and Christian
Arizpe, members of the
summer recycling crew,
2013, did a fantastic job
of staying on top of recycling
across campus, in all its
many tasks! 

Pack the House Night 2013

Javelina Habitat (aka Office for
Sustainability) students are well
represented at Pack the
House Night, 2013. 

Physical Plant Crew installing hybrid parking sign

Members of the Physical Plant
Paint Shop crafted and installed
the signs and the Hybrid Parking
spaces on the Circle in
front of College Hall.

Hybrid Parking Spot

At the suggestion of a student
in Electrical Engineering, two
Hybrid Parking spaces were
installed on the Circle. 

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