Campus Culture

Everyone who works, studies and lives on the Javelina campus is part of a community. And all the varied members of the community including administrators, students, faculty and staff, share certain values in common: Javelina Pride! We value education, we respect and want what is best for one another and society, and we enjoy each other’s company in work and play. Our culture is how we think of ourselves as a group and how we wish others to perceive us.

Sustainability Literacy

Literacy usually refers to reading and writing, but it can apply to any body of knowledge with which a person is deeply familiar. The TAMUK University Sustainability Plan lists as one of its five Imperatives: “Achieve sustainability literacy among its [TAMUK’s] faculty, staff and students.”

If sustainability literacy were integral to our campus culture we would all be deeply familiar with the concept that there is a complex, inter-related relationship between people and the environment. We would do the everyday things we can do to lessen our impact on the environment by conserving energy and water, like riding a bike across campus, like reporting a leaky faucet. We all know how important recycling is, but do we all know that there is so much more to sustainability than recycling?! Every daily action we take is local, but these local actions add up to have global implications.

When Do Know We’ve Achieved Sustainability Literacy?

When all Javelinas are aware of the contribution each can make every day, and demonstrate a desire to join forces with others for the good of people and the environment by acting local and thinking global – that’s when we know we’ve achieved sustainability literacy!

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