Interdepartmental Transfers (IDT)

The IDT process is used to allocate service department expenses. The interdepartmental transfer is a book keeping entry to transfer a payment from one account to another without the actual transfer of cash. The transfers are for centralized services necessary to most departments.

  • Bookstore
  • Event planning- CKW Wildlife Center
  • Physical Plant - repair services and vehicle usage
  • Postage

The servicing departments purchase capital items, supplies, and materials necessary to provide the required services to university departments. An entry is made monthly for each of these services to debit (change) the department accounts across campus and credit (repay) the servicing department. The servicing department then uses these funds to replenish their inventory of supplies. Entries are made monthly, usually near the end of the month and can be identified on Screen 23, by XIDT batch reference. Questions should be directed to Judy Murdock (x3952) or Marcy Flores (x4192).

This page was last updated on: October 13, 2015