Direct Deposit (Automated Clearing House)


Direct Deposit (ACH) is available to employees for reimbursement of travel expenses and purchase of supplies. The Employee has an option of completing the form and submit it to Accounts Payable or log on to HR Connect and complete the information there. Remittance notice will be mailed to the employee. Signing up for direct deposit helps the payment process be more efficient and the employee receives their reimbursement(s) quicker.


We highly recommend that all vendors receive their payment from our institution by electronic means. This capability is available to each vendor. The vendor should complete the Direct Deposit (ACH) form and return it to the Accounts Payable Department. Remittance notices will be mailed to each vendor.

Direct Deposit Forms

  • Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
  • Instructions for Vendor Direct Deposit (PDF)
  • Vendor Direct Deposit Form (PDF)

This page was last updated on: October 13, 2015