The supporting paperwork includes the invoice, copy of the "L" cover sheet, certifications and contracts. The State Comptroller's Purchase Voucher Guide requires the following information be submitted regarding Special Payments:

  • Name of the individual providing the service (event/contest)
  • Remit to address of individual providing service
  • Social Security Number
  • New vendor - provide a substitute W-9 (if the individual is an employee this is not required)
  • Indicate whether the individual is an employee of TAMUK or an employee of another system part
  • Certification is required even if services are being donated and our only expense is for travel, lodging or food
  • Types of certifications:
    • Contracted service - athletic official, contest judge
    • Event/Contest participant
    • List of Participants - names for which meals were purchased

Certification Forms

  • Certification - Contract Service Form (PDF)
  • Certification - Event Participation Form (PDF)
  • Prepayment Certification (PDF)

This page was last updated on: October 13, 2015