SALT Money: TAMUK’s On-Line Financial Literacy Program

What is SaltMoney?

  • SaltMoney is a self-directed financial educational resource which includes videos, articles, calculators and tools to help students learn about finances, budgets, debt, etc.
  • SaltMoney provides access to scholarship, job, and internship search databases
  • Self-paced online courses are offered in English and Spanish about money management basics, education financing, and career planning that can be easily integrated into classrooms or workshops or used on your own.

Is there any cost?

No, Texas A&M University-Kingsville pays for our students to use Salt, so you will not be charged for use when you log in.

How do I sign up or log in?

TAMUK has a unique url where students and alumni can register for a SALT account.

Simply click on the link and register your new account to gain access to tons of helpful information about issues like:  How to repay your student debt, Finding your dream job, Paying for school, or Mastering money!

Is my account secure?

You will enter your email address and choose a unique password so that the information you enter will be secure and accessible only by you.

After I sign up, how long will I get to access my account?

Students and alumni have unlimited access to the accounts they create.

Want to watch a video which shows more information about Salt?