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Texas A&M-Kingsville theatre perform Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

The Little Theatre - 04/17/14 - 04/30/14

Contact: Julie Navejar
julie.navejar@tamuk.edu or 361-593-2590


Students from the art, communications and theatre department at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will present their last production of the 2013-2014 theatre season. Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 23-25, and at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, April 27. All performances will be in The Little Theatre and admission is $5.

The play, written by Rajiv Joseph, is about a tiger that lives at the Baghdad Zoo. The tiger tells the audience that most of the animals have fled because of the Iraq invasion and were killed by soldiers. When United States soldiers come to guard the zoo, the tiger, driven by fear and hunger, bites off the hand of Tom. Another soldier, Kev, shoots the tiger and he dies.

Kev is haunted by the ghost of the tiger and, after an outburst while searching a home, Kev is sent to the hospital. After being fitted with a prosthetic hand, Tom returns to Baghdad and visits Kev. Tom wants the gun used to shoot the tiger. The weapon was taken from the palace of the late Uday Hussein and Tom wants to take the gold-plated gun back home to sell.

During the exchange, the gun falls into the hands of Musa, Uday’s former gardener, who works as a translator for the soldiers. He is visited by Uday’s ghost. The rest of the story shows the living and dead characters interacting with each other as the war rages around them.

Corey Ranson, assistant professor, will direct the play.

Chris Cuellar plays Tom. He is a freshmen communications major from Mercedes. He has previously been in Crystal City 1969 and Aladdin. The part of Kev is played by Nickolas Villarreal. He is a freshmen electrical engineering major from Somerset. He also has appeared in Crystal City 1969, Seven Santas and Aladdin.

The tiger is played by Emmanuel Sanchez, an adjunct art professor from Kingsville. Musa will be played by Gage Robert, a sophomore theatre major from Kingsville. He has appeared in Same as Sarah, Noises Off, ‘Dentity Crisis, Seven Santas, Crystal City 1969 and God of Carnage

Raj Kamal Lohoti, a natural gas engineering graduate student from India, will play the part of Uday. Lauren Bunch plays the part of Leper and Robin Martinez plays the part of Hadia. 

Aaron Adame, a senior theatre major from Corpus Christi, is the stage manager. His previous theatre experience includes Godspell, Tommy and Mr. Marmalade. Jennifer Sanchez is the assistant stage manager.  She is a sophomore history major/theatre minor from Edcouch-Elsa. Her previous productions include Crystal City 1969 and Aladdin. Vanessa Valdez is the show’s designer.

For more information, call 361-593-3401.


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