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Senior theatre students direct final event of the season

The Little Theatre - 04/28/13 - 04/28/13

Contact: Julie Navejar
julie.navejar@tamuk.edu or 361-593-2590


The final production of the theatre season at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will be two one-act plays directed by graduating students. 

An Evening of One-Acts—Part 2 will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 24-26, and at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 28, in The Little Theatre. Admission is $5 and the evening plays are rated PG-13.

The evening features one-act plays including Kaleidoscope, written by Ray Bradbury and directed by senior Michelle Flores, and Playing with Toys, written and directed by senior Myles Martinez. 

Flores is from Alice. She will receive her bachelor’s degree with teaching certification and is currently student teaching at Luehrs Junior High School in Bishop. She has been in Once upon a Mattress, Daughters, Noises Off, Little Shop of Horrors, Savage in Limbo and Mama Drama

Martinez is from San Antonio. His previous productions include Boxcar, I Hate Hamlet, Blood Wedding, The Boys Next Door, Same as Sarah, Pillow Talk, Almost Maine and Noises Off

KaleidoscopeAbout Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope takes place in space after a rocket carrying seven men explodes, sending them into the dark, empty void of space with the radios in their helmets as their only way of communication. In their last few hours, the men examine the worth of their existence and are forced to accept death. 

Heraclio Gonzalez Jr., a theatre arts graduate from Kingsville, plays the part of Captain Hollis. Gonzalez has been in Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Tartuffe and Baby with the Bath Water. He is currently a theatre arts teacher at H.M. King High School in Kingsville. 

Lino Roel Placencio III, a junior theatre arts major from Alice, plays the part of Applegate. Placencio has appeared in Boys Next Door, Tommy, Wizard of Oz, Eight Reindeer Monologues and Almost Maine

The part of Stone will be played by Gage Roberts, a freshman theatre arts major from Kingsville. He has previously been seen in Once upon a Mattress, Same as Sarah, ‘Dentity Crisis and Noises Off

The part of Lespere will be played by Buddy Trevino, a graduate business marketing major from Kingsville. He has previously been in Boxcar, Tommy, American Buffalo, Big Love, Rabbit Hole, A Tempest, Somewhere in Between, Baby with the Bathwater, Sleeping Beauty, Tartuffe and Once upon a Mattress.

The part of Stimson will be played by Benito Latigo Jr., a senior communications/theatre major from Progreso. He has appeared in Tommy, The Toby Show, Blood Wedding and Sins of Sor Juana.

Cory Scarborough, a senior biology major from Bishop, will play Barkley. Justin Avalos plays Woode. He is a sophomore psychology major from Corpus Christi. He has appeared in Snow White, Same as Sarah and Almost Maine. C.J. Lillie is the voice of the Houston radio, and the voice of Silas Damon Guzman is featured as a little boy. 

The crew includes Christian Acevedo as stage manager, Orlando Flores as lights operator, Alex Barona as sound operator and Buddy Trevino on costumes. 

About Playing with Toys

Playing with Toys is about Joseph Harding, a five-year FBI agent who comes across a very disturbing serial killer who has a very distinct way of killing young women. Through the help of his partner, a 10-year agent, and the loving support of his fiancée, Joseph realizes that the people you trust most are the ones that end up tearing your world to pieces, especially when he discovers the secret agenda that eventually pulls his world apart.

Joseph is played by Cory Scarborough, a senior biology major from Bishop. Stone is played by Gage Roberts, a freshman theatre major from Kingsville. He has previously been in Once upon a Mattress, Same as Sarah, ‘Dentity Crisis and Noises Off.

Cassandra Arguijo, a sophomore communications major from Riviera, will play the part of Astrid. Mariza Cantu, a freshman human sciences major from Pharr, will play June and will be part of the ensemble. Daniel Garza, a sophomore fine arts major from Plainview, plays Marc. He has previously been seen in Same as Sarah, Pillow Talk and The Toby Show.

Lauren Lomas Bunch, a freshman marketing major from Kingsville, is part of the ensemble. She has been in Same as Sarah, The Toby Show, Once upon a Mattress and Little Shop of Horrors.

Kayla Michelle Leal, a senior kinesiology major from Elsa, plays the part of Erin Prok and is in the ensemble and the running crew. She has previously been in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Great Amazing Race.

Sara Rose Vera, a sophomore mathematics major from Corpus Christi, is part of the ensemble and the running crew. She has previously been in Blood Wedding, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Same as Sarah and ‘Dentity Crisis.

The stage manager is Stacy Saenz, a senior speech/theatre major from Benavides. She has been in several productions both behind the scenes and on stage, including The Toby Show, Almost Maine, Pillow Talk, Same as Sarah, Broadway in the Brush, A Tempest and Once upon a Mattress.

Other crew members include Mario Orlando Flores, a junior theatre major from Odem, lights; Vanessa L. Valdez, a senior communication sciences and disorders major from Coppell, props; and Anya Pena, a sophomore theatre major from Brookshire, sound and playwright.Flores has been in Noises Off, Almost Maine, Eight Reindeer Monologues, Tommy and Las Cartas. Valdez has been seen in Almost Maine, Broadway in the Brush, A Tempest, Once upon a Mattress, Blood Wedding and Eight Reindeer Monologues. Pena has been in Blood Wedding, Sins of Sor Juana and Same as Sarah.


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