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Types of Financial Aid

Student Employment

Student employment is offered for students who want to supplement their resources through part-time employment.  

The two options that are offered:

  • Federal College Work-Study Program (FWSP)
  • State College Work-Study Program (TWSP)


The primary purpose of the Work-Study Program is to stimulate and promote the part-time employment of students. The program is designed for those students who have great financial need and who are in need of the earnings to pursue a course of study at an institution of post secondary education.

Work-Study positions:

  • Available to students who have been awarded Federal or State work-study at TAMUK (FAFSA required) and enrolled at least half-time. If you have been offered aid, log in to Blue & Gold Connection to view your financial aid awards.
  • A print out of your Blue & Gold financial aid screen showing your work-study award MUST be provided when applying for a work-study position.
  • Students workers are not allowed to work more than 19 hours in any work week. International students who work more than 19 hours per work week may be in violation of their visa status.

Browse On-Campus positions and Apply Online at

For more information about On-Campus positions contact:

Career Services
Eckhardt Hall