Texas A&M University-Kingsville

About Camp

The 2012 YESTexas will be held on the beautiful Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus on July9- July 13.   

Thirty two area high school students will be involved for four days of non-stop activities culminating in a final day of competition that will be open to parents, school counselors, college of engineering personnel and the general public. 

The five-day camp will start at 7:45 am and end at 5:30 pm each day. Four engineering projects and four technical activates are developed for the week-long camp to expose the students to a variety of engineering fields and to offer maximum hands-on experience promoting student enthusiasm for the fields of engineering. In addition, a field trip to an industry site will take place on the last day of the camp. Professional engineers from representative industries will be invited to address to the camp participants and to promote the camp outcomes.  

Through these activities, students will be able to explore interests in various engineering fields and apply research strategies and fundamental engineering concepts to daily life items. A notebook will be used to document all camp activities by each student team and a poster presentation will be prepared and presented on the last day of the camp by each student team. The notebook/poster preparation will reinforce teamwork, communication and writing skills of the camp participants. 

Our experience has shown that these proposed popular, well-designed, and hands-on projects and technical activities in combination with successful camp project executions will significantly attract camp participants and encourage students to seriously consider careers in engineering.

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