The overall objective for our senior project is to build two fully autonomous robots to compete in the 2011 IEEE Region 5 Student Robotics Contest.  This project was chosen to encompass a wide array of subjects taught in the curriculum specific to Electrical & Mechanical Engineering.

Building two fully autonomous robots under certain project restrictions requires knowledge of Mechanics, Electric Drives, Control Systems and Image Processing in particular to finish the project as outlined.  These subjects were reinforced through the research, design, and implementation stages of this project.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a mobile robot which will traverse a predetermined field from a starting point to one or more energy sources.  The robot will then charge its energy storage device with extracted energy from the source, and then bring it to a flag mechanism to raise the flag.  This competition is timed to complete the task within 5 minutes.  The height of the flag, completion time, and contacted energy sources will be used to judge the robots in the competition.

The actual energy storage / capacitor robot built is shown in the following figure.


                                                    Fig.:  Energy Storage / Capacitor Robot


The actual direct connect robot built is shown in the following figure.


                                                           Fig,:  Direct Connect Robot

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