Our Services at JESSC include:


New Freshmen 
New Freshmen mentors are provided for every new freshman student through the university’s Center for Student Success. These mentors will be assigned during scheduled Hoggie Day events. Click  here to check more at Centre of Student Success.

New Transfers 
JESSC will provide you with a mentor in your first semester. This individual will provide you with valuable information you will need to help you transition into a 4-yr program.

Transcript Evaluation

A transcript evaluation is done on all new transfers and new freshmen with dual enrollment credit. Be sure and bring a copy of all prior transcripts to the JESSC

Resume Building and Interviewing Skills Development

The JESSC has partnered with the Career Services Office by arranging to have a Career Services representative here in the center each Tuesday morning during the semester. This representative will assist in getting student resumes updated, provide tips to improve interviewing skills as well as assist in the job search.

Career Services also conducts a Walk Up Resume review session periodically throughout the semester to help students prepare for upcoming Job Fairs hosted by the university each year.

In-house Resource Center

The JESSC has a nice collection of additional resources available to students to check out. These resources include journals, and texts that faculty have donated.

Writing, Presentation Skill Development

The JESSC has established a partnership with the Intensive English Institute to offer workshops on writing and presentation skills to offer assistance to those students who struggle in these areas. These workshops are free of charge to the students and are open to all student populations.

This page was last updated on: April 18, 2016