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Personnel Profile

Venkatesh Uddameri, Professor



- Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, University of Maine, 1998
- M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Maine, 1993
- B.E., Civil Engineering, Osmaina University, India, 1991

Research Interest

Contaminant hydrogeology, multiphase & multimedia fate and transport modeling, environmental statistics, environmental knowledge management, environmental artificial intelligence, risk assessment and risk management. Please visit Dr. Uddameri's research project to learn more about his research.

Sample Publications (complete list)

- V. Uddameri; L. E. Katz; W. F. Brutsaert and B. E. Hunter; "A Field Scale Evaluation of SESOIL/AT123D Models at a Gasoline Contaminated Site in Maine"; in Contaminated Soils Vol.III; P. T. Kostecki; E. J. Calabrese and M. Bounazountas ed., Amherst Scientific Publishers; Chapter 29, 247-257, 1998

- V. Uddameri, S. A. Norton, S. J. Kahl, and J. P. Scofield; "Randomized Intervention Analysis of the Behavior of the Response of Bear Brook Watershed, Maine to Chemical Manipulation"; Water Air and Soil Pollution; Vol 39; pp 35-57, 1995

- V. Uddameri; "A Systems Based Framework for Managing Gasoline Contaminated Sites"; Journal of Environmental Engineering and Policy; Published Online DOI 10.1007/s100220000032, 2001

- V. Uddameri; "A Screening Level Analysis of MTBE Transport in the Vadose Zone for Risk and Liability Apportionment"; Environmental Forensics; Vol. (2); 105-112, 2001
5. P. Roberts; A. Sharma; V. Uddameri; M. Monagale; D. Dale and L. Steck; "Enhanced DNAPL Transport in a Sand Core during Dynamic Stress Stimulation"; Environmental Engineering Science; Vol. 18(2); 67-79, 2001

- V. Uddameri; L. E. Katz and J. I MacIntosh; "Sorption of Gasoline and its Select Constituents onto Low-organic Silts ?Implications of Mixture and Molecular Scale Differences"; Environmental Engineering and Science; Accepted, 2000

- V. Uddameri "Knowledge Management to Support Fate and Transport Modeling in Risk-Based Decision-Making Frameworks ?1. Salient Issues and Considerations"; Journal of Environmental Engineering and Policy; Accepted, 2000.


- EVEN 6102. Graduate Seminar/Environmental Engineering
- EVEN 6305. Research in Environmental Engineering
- EVEN 6312. Surface Water Quality Modeling
- EVEN 6315. Fundamental Water Quality Modeling
- EVEN 6318. Environmental System Modeling
- EVEN 6329. Environmental Monitoring & Measurements
- EVEN 6332. Environmental Data Analysis
- EVEN 6341. Environmental Informatics

Professional Licecnce and Certification

Certified Engineer-in-Training (Certification No. 9142), 1993
Certificate in Project Management (Brainbench Testing), 2001

Contact Information

The Department of Enviromental Engineering
Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering
MSC 213 Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: (361) 593-2742
fax: (361) 593-2069
email: vuddameri@tamuk.edu
Personal Website:

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