Texas A&M University-Kingsville



Chengjie Jian (Graduated in August 2015)

Current Position:

Ph.D. Student at Texas Tech University

Research Interests: 

Simulation and Optimization

Contact Information: chengjiejian2014@gmail.com


Chengcheng Gu (Graduated in December 2014)

Current Position:

engineer at Formosa Plastic Corporation in Point Comfort,Texas.

Research Interests: 

Simulation and Optimization

Contact Information: cheng124158321@gmail.com

Lian Yang

Lian Yang (Graduated in December 2014)

Current Position:

Industrial Engineer at Inteplast Group, Lolita, TX.

Research Interests: 

Wind Farm Layout Optimization, GIS

Contact Information: lianyang1949@gmail.com

pengcheng wang

Pengcheng Wang (Graduated in May 2014)

Current Position:

Core Modeling, J.P Morgan Chase & Co.

Research Interests: 

Simulation, Optimization, Data Analysis

Contact Information: pengcheng1989wang@gmail.com

Ning Meng

Ning Meng (Graduated in December 2013)

Research Interests: 

Boader Security Resource Optimization

Contact Information: mengningmn@gmail.com
Qing Song

Qing Song (Graduated in May 2013)

Current Position:

Process Engineer, Inteplast Group, Texas.

Research Interests: 

Simulation, Optimization, Robotics, Mechatronics

Contact Information: qing.r.song@gmail.com

Ying Chen (Graduated in May 2013)

Current Position:

Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering at University of Texas, Arlington

Research Interests: 

Optimization, Snap-fit design, Wind farm layout design and optimization, Wind resource assessment, Life cycle cost analysis, Game theory

Contact Information: yingchen047@gmail.com

Bang He (Graduated in December 2012)

Current Position:

CAE engineer, Ftech R&D North America Inc.

Research Interets:

CAE design and optimization, Composite material, Applied mechanics

Contact Information: bang.he@students.tamuk.edu



 Nishesh Parikh (Graduated in May 2012)

Current Position:

Design Engineer at Pentair Thermal Management (Formerly Tyco Thermal Controls) TRACER Division in Houston, TX.

Contact Information: nishesh13@gmail.com



  Busayo Bolaji Adekunle (Graduated in May 2012)

Current Position:

Production Supervisor & Continuous Improvement Associate at Kerry Group( Ingredients & Flavors).

Contact Information: bolaji_busayo@yahoo.com


Adeshile Ajayi (Graduated in December 2011)

Current Position:

Management Trainee (Maintenance Dept.), Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Contact Information: adeshileajayi@yahoo.com


Kalyani Lone (Graduated in December 2010)

Current Position:Industrial Engineer at Goodman Manufacturing,

Houston, TX

 Contact Information: kalyanilone@gmail.com

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