The faculty members of Industrial Engineering program have actively involved into various research project funded by internal and external funds. These projects include:

  • Promoting Entrepreneurship-integrated STEM+ Learning Environment through Real-World Projects, Training Workshops, and Online Platform, funded by HP Leadership Fund.
  • Security Engineering: Development of Curriculum and Research for Homeland Security, funded by Department of Homeland Security.
  • Developing STEM-preneur through Engineering Innovation Projects, funded by HP Catalyst Initiative.
  • Preliminary Investigation and Analysis of Social-Economic Impacts of Eagle Ford Shale on South Texas Local Communities, funded by TAMUK College of Engineering.
  • Epigenetic Biomarker for Prediction of Pre-eclampsia, funded by TAMUK and TAMUHSC Collaborative Award.
  • Investigation and Analysis of the Overall Sustainability for Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms, funded by TAMUK College of Engineering.
  • Analysis of Large Wind Farm Layout Design to Improve its Life-cycle Energy Efficiency, funded by TAMUK University Research Award.
  • Advanced Digital Manufacturing and Training for TAMUK Graduate Students, funded by TAMUK Title V/PPOHA.
  • Building TAMUK Through 3d Printing, funded by TAMUK College of Engineering.
  • Acquisition of Equipment for Preliminary Sustainable Manufacturing Laboratory Setup, funded by TAMUK Title V/PPOHA.  
  • Air Pollutant Characterization and Exposure Assessment in Urban Areas with a Geographic Information System, funded by TAMUK College of Engineering
  • Engineering Judgment Models for General Design Optimization, funded by TAMUK College of Engineering.
  • A Pilot Study of Energy Factor Based Systematic Approach to Sustainable Product Design, funded by TAMUK University Research Award.

This page was last updated on: May 16, 2018