Admission to the University

Refer to the Office of Admissions for information on how to apply for admission to Texas A&M University-Kingsville. 


Admission to the Department


Entering Freshmen

If a student is unconditionally admitted to TAMUK and the College of Engineering, they may immediately declare an Industrial Technology major.

Students whose test scores fall between 18-20 (ACT) or 810-969 (SAT) will be placed in the Pre-Engineering (PPEN) major status in order to complete preparatory course work. The student may transfer to an engineering program after obtaining an overall cumulative and math/science GPA of 2.0 in the second semester of course work. (Course work in math and science must include MATH 1348 or higher and CHEM 1111/CHEM 1311.) PPEN students must also take GEEN 1201.

Students who fall below the minimum pre-engineering test score (ACT-18/SAT-810) will not be allowed entry into the college until an overall and math/science GPA of 2.5 or better has been attained (I.E., in another college with lower admission requirements). Once this criteria has been met, the student may re-apply for admission to an engineering program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will be accepted into the college unconditionally if their overall GPA from previous institutions is a 2.5 or above. TAMUK students who wish to change their major to engineering must also meet this requirement.

To graduate with a major in Industrial Technology, a student must be admitted to the College of Engineering. However, students in other colleges may begin coursework in the Industrial Technology program while remaining in their present college until they are admitted to the College of Engineering.


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