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Industrial Management Courses

  IMEN Courses  

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  IMEN 5301 Industrial Management    
    Concepts and techniques used by supervisors in industrial settings. Effective supervisory strategies to combat global competition will also be covered.  
  IMEN 5300 Industrial Operations Research Methods    
    Approaches, areas, and skills needed to plan, organize, and report research findings on industrial related topics.  
IMEN 5305 Graduate Research Project
Educational experience in writing a research paper related to the field of industrial management.
  IMEN 5322  Industrial Scheduling
Planning, scheduling and monitoring of construction projects. Development of criticalpath networks, Gantt bar charts and construction cost control and reporting practices.
  IMEN 5330 Six Sigma Quality and Continuous Improvement  
    An examination of the various methods and approaches used to achieve, sustain and improve the quality of a product or service in quality assurance activities and/or data analysis.  
  IMEN 5335 Industrial Safety & Risk Management  
    An examination of risk assessment and risk management principles, strategies, and concept as they relate to industrial settings.  
  MGMT 5322 Seminar in Management  
    Philosophy and concepts underlying modern management. Prerequisite: MGMT 3321 or 4326 or equivalent experience.  
  CISA 5310 Organization & Management of Business Data Bases  


A study of important issues in the design and implementation of data bases for business enterprises with emphasis on the relational model. Hands-on experiences will be provided.  
  MKTG 5314 Strategic Logistics Management  
    Integration of transportation, inventory, facility location, informational flow, materials handling, and protective packaging activities into a system for managing physical flow of inbound and outbound products and materials.   
  Elective Courses  
  IMEN 5315 Constraint Management and Mistake Proofing  
    An examination of constraint management principles, strategies, and concepts as they relate to industrial settings. Also includes an exploration of the tools and techniques that can be used to: (a) measure production performance, (b) overcome core production problems, and (c) integrate solutions into business planning.  
  IMEN 5333Hazardous Materials and Fire Prevention  
    Practices and techniques for effective handling and control of hazardous materials and fires. Standards, code compliance issues, & the role of the industrial risk manager will also be examined.  
  IMEN 5340 Automation and Cellular Manufacturing  
    Survey of current trends and approaches to automation and cellular manufacturing. Emphasis will be both on managerial issues and integration of automated cells. Topics include automation, cellular manufacturing, group technology, and just-in-time philosophies  
  IMEN 5344 Lean Production  
    A study of the philosophy of lean production. Emphasis will be on designing strategies for implementation.  
  IMEN 5322 Industrial Scheduling  
    Analysis of both industrial methods and managerial issues related to operations management. Topics will be tied to increasing efficiency, reducing time required to complete jobs and utilization of resources.  
  IEEN 5329 Advanced Engineering Economic Analysis  
    Continuation of Engineering Economic Analysis including funds flow, utility, price changes, investment, growth, capital budgeting, replacement, and managerial economics.  
  IEEN5335 Principles of Optimization  
    Nonlinear Optimization: convexity, Kuhn-Tucker conditions, theory of duality. Linear and combinatorial optimization. Dynamic optimization.  

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