Industrial Management Courses



All students admitted to this program are expected to have a baccalaureate degree in a technical-related discipline.  If students hold degrees from unrelated disciplines, then they may be required to take at least four undergraduate technical courses, such as:


            ITEN 3315/3345         CAD, CAD/CAM, Adv. Graphics or equivalent drafting course

            ITEN 3323/3333         Industrial Controls or Industrial Scheduling

            ITEN 3310/3313         Fluid Power or Energy Systems or related course

            ITEN 3331/4353         Construction Technology or Construction Management or related course


In addition, all students should have at least one accounting course and one other advanced business course.  Twelve of the eighteen prerequisite hours required in the major must be advanced course work. 


Industrial Management Core Courses (21 hours)

IMEN 5301      Industrial Management

IMEN 5330      Six Sigma Quality and Continuous Improvement

IMEN 5335      Industrial Safety and Risk Management

IMEN 5300      Industrial Operations Research Methods

IMEN 5344      Lean Production

IMEN 5322      Industrial Scheduling

IMEN 5340      Automation and Cellular Manufacturing

Industrial Management Elective Courses (Select from 3-12 hrs)

IEEN 5329         Advanced Engineering Economics Analysis

IEEN 5335         Principles of Optimization

EVEN 5344        Environmental Management and Policy

IMEN 5320       Topics:  Supply Chain Mgmt, Project Mgmt,

                           Facility Layout, and Maintenance Mgmt

IMEN 5315       Constraints Management and Mistake Proofing

IMEN 5333       Hazardous Materials and Fire Prevention

Research Component (Select 3-9 hour)

IMEN 5305      Graduate Research Project

IMEN 5306      Thesis (repeated if necessary for thesis option)


THESIS OPTION = 30 hours (10 courses, 2 research courses and thesis)

NON-THESIS OPTION = 36 hours (11 courses, 1 research course, and a project)

NON-THESIS, CLASSES ONLY OPTION = 36 hours (12 courses and comp exam)

For more information,

contact Dr. Farzin Heidari in Room 105 or at or 361-593-4056

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