Environmental Systems Research

Group Introduction

Environmental systems modeling can provide for a modular, distributed and a web-based approach to air, environmental, sub-surface quality predictive & deductive modeling, with specific applications to regional and bi-national issues affecting the semi-arid coastal region of South Texas and Texas-Mexico region. The modeling framework borrows from existing expertise within Texas and from the recent advances in global scale modeling supported by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Significant sub-projects and modeling systems are being developed to address the interactions between the urban, industrial, agricultural and natural systems.

Our Missions

The primary focus of this research area is to identify the myriad biogeochemical interactions from a multi-media perspective and incorporate this into the modeling framework. An expert systems approach is being utilized to design an environmental knowledge management system for the study region. The models themselves are highly modularized and adapted to multiple computation platforms. This effort will be performed in a collaborative fashion with other HSI/MIs and allied research institutions within this region.

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