Ecological Engineering Research Group

Group Introduction

Ecological engineering has been defined as "the design of sustainable ecosystems that integrate human society with its natural environment for the benefit of both" (Mitsch and Jorgensen, 1989). It combines natural and applied sciences, especially systems ecology, with the discipline of engineering to educate professionals on how to design, construct and manage ecosystems and to develop sustainable eco-technologies. Ecological engineering combines basic and applied science from the varied fields of engineering, systems ecology and other natural sciences in an effort to restore and construct aquatic, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems.

Our Mission

As society demands higher sustainability from the technologies that engineers implement and the need grows for professionals knowledgeable in ecosystem restoration, academic programs must be developed to train engineers in ecological engineering. The field is increasing in breadth and depth as the demand for ecological engineering services grows. Opportunities to design new ecosystems and restore degraded ones are increasing. Many leaders and constituents are realizing that a fully integrated interface between technology and nature is the best approach to improving the quality of life.

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