Oilfield water management

This training course will provide operators, managers, engineers, and supervisors with technical information and tools to evaluate, manage, and optimize the utilization of oilfield produced water and frac flowback water for onsite reuse, sale or disposal.  The training will emphasize modern techniques and technologies for economical options other than deep well injection disposal.

This training is focused on assisting oilfield hydraulic fracturing operators and managers in developing innovative and economical water management alternatives to deep well injection, including onsite water treatment and reuse.  The instructional cadre has been selected from among water treatment professionals, academia, service companies and refining wastewater treatment consulting experts.  The group has over 110 years of collective experience in water treatment technology research and development, testing and implementation.

“How can this training improve my company’s operations and profitability?” 

Potable water conservation has become imperative for regional communities as one of the longest droughts in recent memory has hit many parts of the country.  Without innovative approaches to water management including industrial water treatment and reuse, many water supply operations and municipalities are moving toward water restrictions and priority of use decision making that will impact future oil and gas operations including hydraulic fracturing.  Public push back against excessive salt water disposal and perceptions of environmental risk to groundwater supplies is creating an environment of resistance to permitting for more salt water disposal volume. Successful and sustainable oil and gas and related industrial operations must begin now to develop strategic approaches and a workforce well trained in water conservation and treatment and reuse whenever possible and economically feasible.  This course will provide critical skills for managers and operators to start cost effective planning for water management alternatives for the future.

Recycling Oilfield and Frac Water has become an Industry Priority http://news.thomasnet.com/imt/2013/08/29/recycling-frack-water-is-an-industry-priority

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