Omar M. Al-Qudah

Personnel Profile

Omar M. Al-Qudah, Assistant Professor

Omar M. Al-Qudah


- Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at El Paso, 2011
- M.S.,Chemical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan, 2000
- B.S., Chemical Engineering, Mu'tah University, Jordan, 1997

Areas of Expertise

Water Resources, Hydrology/Hydrogeology as it relates to the environment; Environmental remediation; Hazardous waste treatment, management, and disposal technology.

Honors and Awards

- Superior Paper Achievement Award – advancement of radioactive waste-materials management, WM2015
- The University of Texas at El Paso Outstanding Research Award (Miner Hero Award), 2011
- Roy G., Post Foundation Award, 2009-2010
- UTEP Traveling Award, 2010, 2009, and 2008
- UTEP-SGA Traveling Award, 2011, 2010, and 2009
- UTEP-Dodson’s Traveling Fellowship, 2009 and 2008
- IAESTE Traineeship Award, Chem. Eng. Dep., Dortmund Univ., Germany 06-10/1996
- Bachelors of Science Chemical Engineering with Honors – Mutah University-Jordan - 1997

Professional Experiences

-Assistant Professor, TAMUK (Environmental Engineering Dep.), Feb, 2016 - present
- Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Center of Nanotechnology & Cooperative Research, Lincoln University of Missouri, Mar.- Oct. 2015
- Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Agriculture and Environmental Science & Cooperative Research - Lincoln University of Missouri, Jul. 2012 – Mar. 2015
- Postdoctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas, Feb. - Jul. 2012
- Research and Teaching Associate, Civil Engineering Department – the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), Aug. 2007-Feb. 2012
- Technical Intern, ARCADIS Company - ASARCO-El Paso Remediation Project, Nov. 2010 - June 2011

Sample Publications

- Al-Qudah, O. M., F. Liu, R. N. Lerch, N. Kitchen, and J. Yang, 2016. Controls on nitrate-N concentrations in groundwater in a Missourian claypan watershed, Earth and Space Science, 3(3), 90–105, doi: 10.1002/2015EA000117
- Al-Qudah, O.M., Walton, J.C., and Woocay, A., 2015. Chemistry and Evolution of Desert Ephemeral Stream Runoff. Journal of Arid Environment, 122 (2015), pp.169-179
- Al-Qudah, O.M., Woocay, A., and Walton, J., 2015. Ephemeral stream chemistry below the elevation of near-zero net infiltration. Hydrol. Process, 29 (10), pp.2385-2401. DOI: 10.1002\hyp.10375
- Al-Qudah, O. M., El-Dweik, M., and Ali, H. 2015. Biomass for bioenergy and biochar applications. Radioactive Waste Management (WM2015), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, vol. 1, pp. 351-383. ISBN: 978-1-5108-0710-5

Contact Information

Department of Environmental Engineering
Harlingen, TX
MSC Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
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