Sustainable Technologies for the Environment (STE)

STE’s main goal is to develop innovative products stressing reuse and processing of natural and recycled materials while reducing pollution in a variety of applications. The broad STE theme is air and water resource purification coupled with energy conservation and production through improved process technology.

Research topics for development and implementation of sustainable technologies required for South Texas include:

  1. biological treatment systems for air pollution emissions control which saves energy when compared to conventional thermal oxidizers – to advance the state of knowledge and engineering technology of biological treatment systems of air pollutants emitted from waste gas streams;
  2. biofiltration and constructed wetlands as coupled natural systems water treatment technologies designed to minimize energy inputs – to design and implement pilot and field scale tests in the Arroyo Colorado watershed using innovative low cost Best Management Practices (BMP) and technologies including bioretention structures for nitrate removal in irrigation return flows and drainage, and constructed wetlands; and
  3. biofuels conversion process development from citrus industry waste products – to develop the fundamental science and engineering technology for commercial citrus waste conversion to fuel ethanol.
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. HRD-0734850.

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