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2014 Javelina STEM Summer Program

YESTexas Summer Camp

This summer, we will host the Young Engineers in South Texas (YESTexas) camp for 32 students. If you are interested in applying, please see the application below :

YESTexas Application


2014 Engineering and Science Frontier (ESF) Summer Camp

PLC, CAD, And Biomedical Camps (June 16-20)

Automation using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

The goal of the PLC summer camp is to teach students fundamentals of programming, installation and use, troubleshooting, and networking of current technology PLCs. Programming instruction is based on standard ladder logic concepts. Classroom instruction is supported by laboratory activities in which students use PLCs to perform typical industrial control functions. Lab exercises are designed to ensure that students learn the practical aspects of installing, programming, troubleshooting, and networking PLCs in situations typical of industrial use. Upon completing this course, students will be able to recognize industrial control problems suitable for PLC control, conceptualizing solutions to those problems, and use modern programming software to develop, enter, and debug programs to solve those problems.


Allen Bradley PLCs                                                                                Industrial PLC

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

CAD communicates all needed information from the engineer who designed a part to the workers who will make it. The course is a hands-on course, activity-based training program that teaches the fundamental techniques, tips and shortcuts you need to become familiar with engineering drawings.   This course helps prove your skill level in two dimensional drawings, dimensions, frames, three dimensional drawings, and model motion. A design project incorporates developed skills in visualization, drawing techniques, standards and CAD.


Biomedical Science Awareness (BEA) Workshops

BEA Workshops will be conducted in order to stimulate the growth and development in the exciting filed of biomechanics. Several topics will cover wide range of biomechanics applications and how the modeling takes a place. Students will be able to explore interests in various engineering fields and apply research strategies and fundamental engineering concepts to daily life items as a result of participating in these activities. Suggested topics are ; Definition and Historical Highlights, High Impulsive Loading induced Brain Trauma Injury, Nonconventional Resuscitation Modeling, Simulation of Sternotomy under CPR, Ergonomic Design of Footwear, and Musculo-Skeletal System


***The PLC and CAD Camps are for Jr High and High Schools only.  We are not accepting individual applications***

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Yahia Al-Smadi at 361.593.2459 or Eusebio Torres at 361.593.4971

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